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Mostly my hand drawn art... Mostly not cleaned up yet. Now I've got a tablet, but I'm laaaaaaaaazy!
....Now in technicolor!
flower swirl
flower spiral
Fire, in black and white
Second image finished in the elemental series: Fire
Second and a half or third and a half (Fire and Earth are about the same amount done at this point, though Fire is going much easier) in my elemental...
Elemental series, water, in color. The light shade of blue didn't get picked up I think, which is sad. Now vast swathes of water are white that...
Elemental series- Water, in black and white
That Knotwork Circle!
A smily face Sun.
A Star
A thing with propellers
A doodle.
More silly arrows... With a spiral!
I was trying to think of a name for this one, and the only thing I could think of was "Grand Cross", so that's what I named it.  
I like it,...
Silly arrows
The piece I did for 333
Done by my standards, but we'll see what my friend thinks when he sees it.
Another piece done at work.
I was bored...
Design for a helmet I was using in roleplay. People were saying they were having trouble getting a visual, so I did a sketch.
A quick sketch I did. It reminded me of a friend when it was done, so I sent it to her as a gift.
Something I did at work while bored.
Playing in photoshop...

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