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Because there is no better therapy in my opinion. This is where I'm keeping my favs, and if anyone ever needs to laugh feel free to view. Now if I can just figure out how to actually add pics...
Made by Hunter, advertised by HonorRose
funny pictures your cat lays easter eggs
funny pictures snail is on turtle
funny pictures penguin has a bad day
funny pictures nobody wants to swim with tigers
funny pictures mom tiger does not sleep
funny pictures kitten has a wedgie
funny pictures cat tries to poop
funny pictures cat thinks he is a god
funny pictures cat senses something bad will happen
funny pictures cat pretends to be a salad
funny pictures cat meets lobsters
funny pictures cat makes pawprints on your car
funny pictures cat is ready for his walk
funny pictures cat is photographed while sleeping
funny pictures cat is a pirate
funny pictures cat has mouse in food
funny pictures cat has a loving father
funny pictures cat gives you the evening off
funny pictures cat eyes a donut
funny pictures cat does not need door handles
funny pictures your garden has nice cattails
funny pictures your child watched too many zombie movies

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