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Random Crap
Cause I ran out of room in the other one I was using.
lunch bento
Misorice! Cause it's rice- Cooked with miso!
nintendo wii u console
Fruit and rice salad.
so hungry I was eating the steamer...
Self Explanatory Article
Gurdur Get Well
happy birthday
A random picture of Ronald McDonald as Sephiroth and Col. Sanders as Cloud Strife. Because it is just fucking made of win, like everything else I am...
See? I won moar.
I won!
Day 30
HA! Day 30.
Day 29
Day 29
King Radical. 
Dr. McNinja's archnemisis is AWESOME! Never mind that he looks vaguely like the Burger King dude. 
I don't own this, but I wish I...

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Welcome to a place to talk about atheism, religion, science, humanism, evolution, politics, Creationism, literature, reason, rational inquiry, logic, cooking, reading, and travel - the Hub: a community for everyone.