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Conservative paradigm replacing the Liberal continuum in American University's
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Posted 14-May-2011 at 09:21 PM (21:21) by iamwombat
Updated 14-May-2011 at 09:43 PM (21:43) by iamwombat (URL repair and well, spelling.)

I want to share a concern about American Universities becoming more and more inclined to support and promote a conservative agenda rather than the liberal. I also want to bring your attention to some recently ran articles on private influences promoted through University that may well steer students and their minds into pro-corporate avenues rather than socially minded and environmental ones. Public undergraduate and postgraduate schools have long aided research in all sciences and therefore received grants as they prove their worth. Private industry for profit is fast replacing private not for profit grant dollars. I witnessed this first hand while employed at Scripps Research in San Diego California, when dollars became scarce in funding worthwhile science destined to benefit the general populations of the world and increased to fund specialized medical/pharmaceutical research that would only benefit the very well to do. I watched Dr. Yves Galentti pack his lab up and return to Italy when his grants were cut that may have furnished the world with cheap immune system and anti viral drugs. Upon finishing my first year in college, I thought many things for the first time, one was that it seemed anybody who graduated even a two-year degree should walk away an inspired liberal. So many professors and instructors taught critical thinking and an admittedly biased liberal continuum in their courses. After senior studies I was even more convinced of this, yet it is not so. Most successful alumni I have known are selfish in their endeavor to procure wealth and a quality of life they certainly merit, but do not believe should be available to all or even most of mankind. Competition and greed seem to rule their drives rather than compassion and generatively thinking. Another interesting and disappointing concern of mine is the prevalence of students with little interest outside their secular realm of ideology. I often heard students in social work courses remark that once in the ranks of service they would refuse to serve or meet the needs of specific vulnerable populations such as those living with aides, or GLB&T individuals, drug addicts or even certain ethnic minorities. The apparent ignorance of some was manifest in one young mans refusal to cite the Bible in APA format as other than “written by God at the beginning of time”. No kidding there. I agree whole heartedly with freedom of choice, speech and religion or absence thereof in ones life and livelihood. I hope that education will be available to all people everywhere in some form or other over time, education alone is a foundation for human endeavor and growth. Shared knowledge, pedagogy and self actualization must survive if we are to continue improving as a species. The ideals of education should encourage democracy and free critical and creative thought with a furthering of social wellbeing and advancement.

An additional thought and concern I have is that many secular private schools are mainstreaming their students into public schools with the intent of having them become teachers and professors. The end being replacement of the 'old guard' liberal instructors with a new breed of right minded fundamentalist indoctrinated educators who may sway the future balance of graduates toward a conservative, pro-corporate mentality of acceptance and acquiescence regards educational, political and public social policy. Scary stuff, that.
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    "A foundation bankrolled by Libertarian businessman Charles G. Koch has pledged $1.5 million for positions in Florida State University's economics department. In return, his representatives get to screen and sign off on any hires for a new program promoting "political economy and free enterprise...The contract specifies that an advisory committee appointed by Koch decides which candidates should be considered. The foundation can also withdraw its funding if it's not happy with the faculty's choice or if the hires don't meet "objectives" set by Koch during annual evaluations."

    "Since 2005, the (banking giant) BB&T's Charitable Foundation has given 25 colleges and universities several million dollars to start programs devoted to the study of (Ayn) Rand's books and economic philosophy. In January, the company announced it was donating $1 million to Marshall University in West Virginia."
    Posted 15-May-2011 at 05:36 PM (17:36) by Peregrinus Peregrinus is offline
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