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Why We Can't Afford EPA Regulations...
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Posted 02-Sep-2011 at 06:20 PM (18:20) by Peregrinus

Because it cuts into the profit margin! Come ON people! Why do you think so many American companies have moved their factories to other countries? No taxes, easily exploitable labor force, and NO EPA regulation!

Invade, exploit, destroy. It's what we do. That's the American way, baby! I mean, that's the basis of our existence on this continent as Americans, isn't it? We land, commit genocide on the Natives (the ones we didn't use for slave labor, that is) and irresponsibly deplete/destroy the natural resources in the name of Puritan ethic. Yes, obviously God loves white guys in suits best.

Listen. There is no such thing as capitalist democracy. By it's own definition it cannot exist. Capitalism involves exploitation, and nobody votes to exploit themselves. Duh. If you're not a part of the 2% that owns over 90%of the wealth, you're OWNED.

Check this out: http://other98.com/our-new-infographic-exec-excess/

Barter and trade, people. I'm no economist, but it seems to me that that's the only "free" market.
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    lifelinking's Avatar
    Thanks for the thoughts Peregrinus, and for that link which is great. About 4 mins 28 secs into famous 1959 interview with Ayn Rand, Mike Wallace refers to 'modified government regulated capitalism' as being an edifice of the American way of life. Since then I think this edifice has been largely dismantled both in the USA and in the UK. A process most enthusiastically pursued in the Reagan / Thatcher years and continued since, and not just by those to the right in politics. The structures of our democracies now look looking increasingly frail and impotent in the face of unfettered global capital and a culture of consumerism. Revitalising our democracies locally and having them work effectively together globally is perhaps the challenge of our time Peregrinus, and one that we must rise to.
    Posted 03-Sep-2011 at 02:05 PM (14:05) by lifelinking lifelinking is offline
    Updated 03-Sep-2011 at 02:11 PM (14:11) by lifelinking
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    Peregrinus's Avatar
    Have you looked into ALEC, lifelinking? (Good to see you back, btw ) I believe our democracy has long been in the process of becoming an oligarchy. The stars or whatever had to align, or something. ALEC has been in business since the 70's, but it's only in the last ten years that business has really picked up. In the last ten years...what happened in the last ten years that created a huge change in how much power our government has over our rights? Um...9/11 and the Patriot Acts I and II, maybe? Yes, I know...conspiracy, conspiracy blah blah blah. But think about it. Ten years later we're still a nation in fear of...what? To the degree that we have allowed our civil and Constitutional rights to be violated with impunity. People can't even peacefully protest without being beat up and/or arrested. But I've seen people in other countries take to the streets in protest, knowing they might be shot. But our cars and fast food and dancing with the stars and $300 purses distract us from noticing (or caring) that people are homeless and our planet is becoming a toxic lump of sludge; I think that's an intentional construct by corporate-controlled media, too. Another conspiracy The "dumbing down" of America. My son has teachers who can't spell. Cashiers can't count out change without looking at the register. The presentation of a decidedly polemic history. The refusal to teach the theory of evolution. Stand back and look at the last fifty years...the changes in media, what they cover (or don't) and how. The occupation and exploitation of resources in other countries (often complicitious with the rulers of those countries). Changes in education and the availability (or lack thereof) of higher education. Changes in the kind of jobs that are available and to whom they are available. But the last ten years...factories being moved out of the country, privatization of social services, media hyperbole, lobbying and campaign contributions (corporation personhood?), genetically modified food grown on corporate farms, banks jacking up appraisals on homes to get more money on loans, the attack on unions, employers cutting back hours so they don't have to pay benefits...hell, now they want to change the child labor laws. Our schools are nothing more than indoctrination facilities for laborers or the military. I heard an ad on the radio the other day involving some girl complaining that she'd gone to college and racked up a bunch of student loans, but couldn't find a job and was worried about paying those loans back. Her friend tells her the National Guard is now paying up to $20,000 in student loans if you sign up. Is it just me, or is that kind of disturbing? Once upon a time there was the aristocracy, the church, and the military...everyone else shoveled dung. Now it's the oligarchy, the New Puritans, and the military...everyone else shovels fries. I have no doubt there will come a time that all social services will be privatized, and anyone receiving those services will be expected to do the work that we have traditionally reserved for slaves and illegal immigrants. Debt bondage. Owing our souls to the company store, as it were.

    Consumption is not only our culture, it's our addiction. We cannot feel successful unless we're buying more stuff. How are we to convince millions of people that they don't need all that stuff? How much stuff does one person need to exist comfortably? It's a disease...and the presenting symptoms of that disease are fear and apathy. Our government and the corporate media propagate the disease. It's going to take something really heinous to get us off our couches, lifelinking. But I'm afraid by the time that "something" happens it will be too late.

    Sorry to ramble and rant so. Maybe it is just me.
    Posted 04-Sep-2011 at 09:14 AM (09:14) by Peregrinus Peregrinus is offline
    Updated 04-Sep-2011 at 09:44 AM (09:44) by Peregrinus
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    lifelinking's Avatar
    Peregrinus, feel free to ramble away any time. I have a selfish motive of course because I like reading 'em. I am now off to find out more about ALEC. Cheers,

    Posted 04-Sep-2011 at 11:51 AM (11:51) by lifelinking lifelinking is offline
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    Gurdur's Avatar

    Peregrinus blogs on "EPA Regulations" http://goo.gl/mna65 -IAmWombat blogs on "Canad. Tar Sands" http://goo.gl/QNI0u #politics #enviroment
    Posted 07-Sep-2011 at 03:26 PM (15:26) by Gurdur Gurdur is offline
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    iamwombat's Avatar
    It's part and parcel to the underlying rationale behind a welfare state. Indentured work forces, privatized government and the ability to defend same for the profiteers.
    Posted 08-Sep-2011 at 08:00 AM (08:00) by iamwombat iamwombat is offline
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