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Canadian Tar Sands Information Links
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Posted 03-Sep-2011 at 09:10 PM (21:10) by iamwombat

Here are some additional links to information on the Keystone XL Pipeline and related information concerning the broader Canadian Tar Sands to Oil mining operations.
"Oil Sands Background Information"
This a good link because it offers an outcome to the current goals of not just stopping the construction of pipelines across American soil but of shutting down this entire project to mine these tar sand deposits.
"Globe and Mail: Without Keystone XL, Oil Sands face Choke Point"

My first concern about the project was related to just the transporting of heavy, over sized equipment through pristine forests and preserves in Idaho and Montana, and of the negative consequences being faced by indigenous peoples living there and in Canada. As I gained information through networking with those along the transport corridor in the north western United States, it became obvious that more was at stake. Some of you reading the Hub in the U.K. and Western Europe have said this was new news to you, apparently oil interests have made successful efforts to suppress media coverage of this project to date. Word seems to be getting out though and I urge you to become involved in this protest no matter what continent you live on.
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