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The first raw data: Part 2 of examining @The_Block_Bot
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Posted 25-Sep-2013 at 12:29 AM (00:29) by Gurdur
Updated 25-Sep-2013 at 10:59 AM (10:59) by Gurdur

This is the first lot of raw data used for examining The_Block_Bot app and its Twitter account @The_Block_Bot. Please see my last blog post for an introduction and history of it. There will be more blog posts on this. I stress all of this is public information; it's just often enormously difficult to gather. This blog post will be edited to include more data as time goes by in the course of examining the Block_Bot over several posts.

A list of tweets from @The_Block_Bot, latest first, earliest last.

A list of the very first 1,500 followers of @The_Block_Bot. The information was taken from the list in .csv format below.

One huge file in .csv format of all the followers of @The_Block_Bot, all 42,721 of them as of 19 September 2013, oldest first, newest last.

Table showing the number of followers etc. of @The_Block_Bot over time:

Date (oldest down to newest) Number of Followers of @The_Block_Bot account Number that @The_Block_Bot account actually Follows Number of tweets from @The_Block_Bot
2013-03-08 36 28 413
2013-03-16 41 35 463
2013-03-20 44 45 487
2013-04-21 51 52 712
2013-05-18 64 69 814
2013-05-20 63 68 828
2013-05-29 67 71 855
2013-08-14 1100 357 1700
2013-08-18 1132 407 1782
2013-08-20 1148 430 1852
2013-09-05 1214 548 2083
2013-09-10 1225 570 2163
2013-09-11 1224 577 2203
2013-09-14 43425 595 2265
2013-09-15 42610 595 2267
2013-09-16 42391 519 2280
2013-09-17 41941 557 2361
2013-09-23 621 637 2487



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  1. Old Comment
    The amount of daily tweets by the 'bot' is amazingly high. Kind of looks like a spammer. Can the 'bot block itself?
    I followed the 'bot to see what was going on. I'm not sure if I'm on the list since Stephanie Zvan outed me on her blog.
    Posted 27-Sep-2013 at 02:45 PM (14:45) by Unregistered
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