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Happy 5th birthday, Guardian Cif!
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Posted 18-Mar-2011 at 04:13 PM (16:13) by Gurdur
Updated 18-Mar-2011 at 05:43 PM (17:43) by Never (fixed little typo)

So today is the 5th birthday of Guardian Commentisfree (Cif). A very happy birthday! They've even put up a commentator-based quiz for the regulars there in celebration.

If we're going to have good investigative journalism and a place where the public have a constructive say (in contrast to the usual flamefests and Mr.Angry letters) too, then it's up to us of the public to support the venues where that is made possible, even if we personally don't like some of the stuff that gets printed (and get very irate about what's not printed) -- and one of those venues is the Guardian and its Cif area. The Guardian Cif is a gloriously good and rich section, including everything from politics to religion to atheism to liberty. The Guardian overall, which has a long history, has long done good things on ethics; for example, the Living Our Values efforts and self-audit of the Guardian, the associated Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and so on.

We're in a road movie to Cif Guardian,
Can't drive out the way we drove in,
So sneak out this bottle of gin and tonic,
And we'll go.

We were once so close to heaven,
Andrew Brown came out and gave us medals,
Declaring us the nicest of the Damned.

-- To the tune of "Road Movie To Berlin", by They Might Be Giants

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