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Society, Ethics And Science Weekly blogs round-up - 28 April 2011
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Posted 28-Apr-2011 at 05:43 PM (17:43) by Gurdur

This is late - but since there will be no weekly round-up from me this coming weekend, as I will be in New York (if you're wondering where I will be, I will be at this; I'm taking citizen journalism and developing myself at it very seriously indeed. If you're interested, I shall be tweeting from there, hashtag #ASJA2011. I will also be blogging when I can). The weekend after, I will try to do a round-up, but no promises; a week after that and regular service (such as it is) will resume.

As ever, the best, well, the best of what I find, mainly from the blogosphere at large, but including other sources such as MSM.

Science: The first of what will be regular paleontological Memorium Lectures in memory of Alan Dawn (deceased father of Maggi Dawn, @maggidawn), will be held soon, on May 04. Alan Dawn, a geologist, led teams of fossil-hunters mainly in the area of clay-pits near Peterborough and Stamford (Britain). Thorugh such discoveries, no less than two prehistoric species are named after him, Jurassic shark Hybodus Dawnii (see bottom for a recreation of a generic Hybodus shark, courtesy of Wikipedia; you can also see this fact file about it), and Pachycostasaurus Dawnii, a speices of plesiosaur. Please see here for full details as to where and when for the lecture, titled, "Dinosaur Hunting in Morocco".

Science: The blog H2SO4 Hurts has a notice up about a Science Writing Symposium at the University of Iowa.

Science, psychology: Chris Mooney has a good post up, "Is This the Right Room for an Argumentative Theory of Reason?". Read it along with, "Is Reasoning Built for Winning Arguments, Rather Than Finding Truth?", and this, "The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science". Then this, from Mercier and Sperber, "Why Do Humans Reason? Arguments for an Argumentative Theory" (also here). Oh, and then this site too. Not enough?! See also this older blog post of Mooney's.

Science: Ed Yong has his semi-regular science-writing round-up. It's a good one.

Science: @JoshRosenau leads a science panel, "science policy in surprising places", at the Netroots Nation 2011 event.

And that will have to do for science this week, since I have run right out of time.

Politics, human rights, women, Pakistan: Sana Saleem (@sanasaleem) describes the Mukhtar Mai case. Words fail me. I cannot say how much this disgusts me. The sheer courage of Mukhtar Mai herself is amazing. The sheer nauseating conduct of others is ably described by Cafe Pyala, and by Sana Saleem again.

There are quite a few in Pakistan today who deserve recognition for their courage. I've written before of the Taseer family, the Navqi's, Marvi Memon, Raza Rumi and others. But now, just of note: Sana Saleem has a blog post from early in March this year, on "honour killings" - brutal murders of women - in Pakistan. Please read it through carefully. Then, in comments under it, Salahudin al-Rawandi says of Sana Saleem: "You’re a brave one. Please be careful. Best wishes and good luck." And he is absolutely right. Support tthese people, support I shall write more on this soon.

Politics, Pakistan: The official, parliamentary government of Pakistan, and Pakistan's real government, the ISI, have been telling Karzai and the Afghanistanian government to drop the USA. Now, Pakistan has been telling Afghanistan that the USA has failed them both - which is halfway true - and also telling Afghanistan to join with Pakistan and China in an alliance. Whoooooops! Guess who is trying to win the Great Game? Somehow, swapping the frying-pan for the fire is really not a good idea, but then, Karzai is not noted for good ideas, but then, the Americans seem to be having some really stupid ideas of their own right now too (I mean, seriously; trying to manipulate the Afghan Taliban against the Pakistani Taliban, and then thinking you're having a brilliant idea??)

Religion, atheism: Bishop Alan Wilson on being sensible, and he also was in the Guardian on being sensible in a different context; so was I for that matter.

Atheism: Secular student group promotes 24/7 Service Week; and a blog post about it.

Religion: Lesley has her Wednesday round-up. There was again no round-up from the Church Mouse. Riazat Butt has a round-up at the Guardian; I happily advocated bento in the comments under it (after all, the comments were dissolving into a silly brouhaha over arranged marriages). Yes, bento. I adore bento.

And that's that, owing to the time problem.

- name me how many other blogs you usually read that would celebrate Hybodus.


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