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Odd, interesting & sometimes even important religious/political news
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Posted 12-Oct-2011 at 04:06 PM (16:06) by Gurdur
Updated 12-Oct-2011 at 04:18 PM (16:18) by Gurdur

Religion and politics often get mixed in together, since values, ethics, tribalism and the whole kit and caboodle are part of life. So atheist themes come up too sometimes. In keeping with all that, there's a news item titled "Warning: Reading the Bible Will Turn you Progressive" about a new, so far print-only piece in Christianity Today. While I'm mildly skeptical, thinking of Leviticus and all the begats elsewhere, it does sound a little plausible - most USA rightwingers only cherrypick their Bibles, and anyone deeply into reading the Sermon On The Mount probably has some vision wanting to be expressed.

Then there's some interesting news of how Jim Wallis and the Christian movement the Sojourners have been taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Christians should regard that with a bit of pleasure, seeing that one of the main atheist criticisms of USA Christianity is its use or hijacking as legitimization for the self-serving ultra-rightwing. But some don't like it. There's a snarky blog post about it all by a conservative, Joseph Knippenberg, who seems to have a direct upload to the mind of God, the ability to judge who is a True Christian and who not.

Then where politics and religion are, can sex and gender be far behind? Sarah J. Flashing has a go at Rachel Held Evans about "Biblical Womanhood". What Flashing does not tackle is that everyone - everyone - cherrypicks the Bible, and there is no completely true or objective view of "Biblical womanhood" at all. Flashing dances around that unsuccessfully.

Mind you, don't mention it too widely, but I always had a soft spot for women who did something, who did things, like Jael hammering a tent-peg through Sisera's head, or Judith beheading Holofernes. Now there's enough in both stories to make anyone at all just a little queasy and uneasy, no matter what their politics, gender or belief status. A fair bit Freudian. Seriously, shennanigans with mallet and tent-pegs whilst camping out and making out. For every peg there's a hole, especially if you swing hard enough? The Lorena Bobbitt of the Bible? Less Freud and more just how men lose their heads around women? Stop me before I make more jokes. My sense of humour can be .... difficult for anyone else at all.

(*gasp gasp restraining self*)

Back to seriousness. Very serious. Now "the "Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Missouri (CBFMO) will offer cash incentives to any member church" "that is willing to consider hiring a female pastor". Sounds goodoh, but they should throw in a mallet and pegs too. Also, the US armed forces will now allow military chaplains to perform gay marriages. Still not as fun as camping out with a mission to make someone lose their head? Sorry. Chippitty chop.



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Judith, just playing around, making out, toying with an ex-lover, you know how it goes.

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  1. Old Comment
    "Warning: Reading the Bible Will Turn you Progressive"
    No wonder the Mother Church tried so hard in Luther's day to prevent bibles being translated from Latin. They suspected what the results might eventually be.
    Posted 12-Oct-2011 at 09:15 PM (21:15) by Rogering_Rabbit Rogering_Rabbit is offline
  2. Old Comment
    It's amusingly ironic that the wholly-Protestant evangelical movement among American Christianity has achieved the Catholic Church's dream: a congregation of devout, unquestioning believers who never, ever read the Bible for themselves and instead believe whatever they're told about it.

    Plus, they tithe!
    Posted 17-Oct-2011 at 02:52 PM (14:52) by Copyleft
  3. Old Comment
    muddleglum's Avatar
    As an atheist turned Christian, I can vouch that reading the bible tended me toward a more "progressive" way of thinking. However, the discussion assumes there is no God. What should be said is that abiding in Christ by faith changes our character to be more like his. That was the real driving force in my own life. I shifted from a rule-based view of people to a people-based view of rules. (Yeech! That last sounds like something from an Evangelical.)

    As to Biblical Womanhood, the pertinent passages are in Romans 14. As far as the apostle Paul is concerned, there will be a wide divergence in practice. Once you let that lesson sink in, you can then "cherry-pick" what you want to follow on your own. I'm currently in an Amish-Mennonite community and it is very, very conservative (no, more conservative than that) But, in the main, the people are lovely.

    My own heroine is Tamar in Gen 38. One needs to dig into some pretty arcane places to understand it. For instance, the Hittite laws that were common at the time (though the Hittite power was ebbing.) But her act was backed up with a lot of understanding of the mind of God. The understanding is the important thing.

    Gurdur, don't say "I always had a soft spot for women" in the same breath as "like Jael hammering a tent-peg through Sisera's head." Where your soft spot is might be taken wrongly...
    Posted 19-Oct-2011 at 11:50 AM (11:50) by muddleglum muddleglum is offline
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