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Sunday/Monday weekly blogs round-up - 06/07 February 2011
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Posted 08-Feb-2011 at 10:20 PM (22:20) by Gurdur

Only a tiny bit late, owing to this, that, and simple forgetfulness, the weekly blogs round-up. This time round on science, the arts of blogging, reportage and communication, but as ever, with some spice of religion and atheism for good measure.

The blog Science of Blogging has a good post up, "If you don’t have a blog you don’t have a resume". They also had an older blog post up, give it a quick look: "What factors make a blog successful?".

Separately, there is a post on the more-or-less blog davidwaldock's posterous,"Four key assumptions about communicating science". I disagree badly with two of those assumptions.

And a fascinating post on the not-really-a-blog Nieman Journalism Lab, "Could BiblioBouts, an online sourcing game for academia, offer lessons for media literacy?"

But for sheer excellence in science blogging as such see this post from Kate Clancy: "Iron-deficiency is not something you get just for being a lady". I will caution that it is a blog post written for those used to talking about scientific papers, and unless you know scientists well, you may not get the underlying themes of excitement about how to get new results; but it tackles a wide-spread medical and popular prejudice, it deals with some new medical science, and it does it all well.

On science blogging in general, see the blog Tooth And Claw, "Of Bad Odors and Good Yarns".

But whatever you do, make sure to read this from the blog Adventures In The Fog, "I am not stupid".

For blogging about life in science, see this: Is there life after science?, on the LabLitCom blogs.

Really heavy on the science, for all microbe lovers. Overkill on the microbe love! A post from by Elio and Mark (Martin) on the Small Things Considered - The Microbe Blog, summarizing the most significant and/or interesting news from the microbial world as in papers published in 2010. It also contains a little of the reports on the importance of bacterial life to the preservation of prehistoric cave-paintings.

The blog Research Digest has a blog post up on ethics, "Closing our eyes affects our moral judgements".

For life on the other side, BeyondClicktivism has a post up, "Disability and Welfare: Help Us Counter the Myths".

The blogger Slacktivist made a good blog post on self-sacrifice, heroism and the idiocy of (Ayn-)Randism. It also references David Bowie, and so can't be all that bad; and it references the group blog Balloon Juice, which includes such contributors as @AngryBlackLady, who is well worthwhile reading, and (via networkedness) people like @EmilyLHauser, also well worth it. I would like to see dialogues between bloggers such as @Elizaphanian and @AngryBlackLady.

The sort-of-blog blog has a post up, "Sorting through claims about the internet and revolutions, part 1". It's very good. Also see Joshua Rosenau of the Thoughts From Kansas blog, on "The courage of journalists, the cowardice of Limbaugh".

Maggi Dawn reflects on keeping themes alive in public till times suit them more, re theology.

And a little old, from December, but good: the blog Testimony Of The Spade has a blog post up on an anthropology blog carneval, the "Four Stone Hearth".

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  1. Old Comment
    Lesley's Avatar
    Thanks Gurdur - I appreciate the time that goes into these posts since I started doing them. Some useful links. L
    Posted 08-Feb-2011 at 10:27 PM (22:27) by Lesley Lesley is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Some interesting links here, Gurdur, so thanks for bringing them to our attention. I particularly enjoyed the Kate Clancy post as well as Slacktivist's and "I am not stupid." The last is a great reminder that being right is not enough to change others' thinking and behaviour. It needs empathy too - a point that seems to have been lost, at least initially, on some of the commentators there.

    Thanks for your work in bringing all this together for our benefit.
    Posted 10-Feb-2011 at 11:01 PM (23:01) by RevSimmy RevSimmy is offline
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