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Graham Linehan doesn't like this. So pass it around.
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Posted 07-Mar-2015 at 12:01 PM (12:01) by Gurdur

One of the necessities for a free and open society is good, in-depth, balanced news reporting. Digging down to find the truth and then to broadcast it is an essential activity for any society that prizes real equality, justice and diversity. Free and open discussion of issues is vital for a good society; and good reportage is indispensable for that.

Today, newspapers with their teams of reporters face economic meltdown, something which will impoverish us all, since we will lack good investigative reporting. Everything that can be done to help keep good reporting and news publishing going is needed. This is why I am personally a 'patron' of the Guardian, even though I disagree with much of its approach; I put my money where my mouth is. A new repressive approach has become ever more obvious in social-media and in society at large. People who don't like certain news being investigatively reported threaten the reporters and the publishing media. Authoritarian countries, organizations and individuals all try to censor the news, reporters and the networks used to broadcast news. Not only that, but some have tried shutting down free and open discussion in what were beforehand bastions of free inquiry, the universities. This is the attempted no-platforming at many universities, often targeting feminist women and trying to deny them venues for public discussions on campus. Such no-platforming is also attempted in sneaky ways on social-media.

Andrew Griffin (@_andrew_griffin), a reporter, wrote an in-depth look published in The Independent at controversy surrounding off-colour, misleading jokes made at the Game Developer’s Choice Awards by Tim Schafer (@TimOfLegend), and the backlash. The controversy centered around the GamerGate (GG)/anti-GamerGate mess that has so consumed social-media over the last year. Griffin's article was balanced, and even showed itself as dubious about some GamerGate claims. The entire GG/anti-GG brouhaha is marked by many terribly exaggerated claims on all sides. Not only are there two loose but clearly visible camps, GG and anti-GG, but a large number of internet trolls create a good deal of fog about it all.

The fact that Griffin's article was balanced and even dubious of some GG claims was not good enough for Graham Linehan (@glinner), a TV script-writer, who started making a large number of abusive tweets about and to Griffin. The nadir of Linehan's tweets was this one:


So, just because Linehan did not like Griffin's reportage, Linehan tried intimidating Griffin with Linehan's Twitter followers, over 440,000 of them.

There is one small silver lining; around 37% of Linehan's Twitter are fake, as judged by Twitter Audit.


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  1. Old Comment
    So @Glinner isn't really a parody account mocking social justice activism?

    I saw someone re-tweet his claim that people disagreeing with him were really white men pretending to be women, but I didn't realise he was a celeb rather than a random Twitter troll. Him accusing some pretty well known YouTubing women of being misogynistic male sock puppets, and then having a bit of a ranty meltdown when shown that he was wrong, seemed like a clear case of Poe's Law to me.

    I definitely thought he'd given the game away by chatting with Godfrey Elfwick:

    Twitter's most obvious parody of a male feminist:
    Posted 08-Mar-2015 at 08:27 PM (20:27) by Kendall
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