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Decreasing Religion
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Posted 27-Apr-2012 at 05:08 PM (17:08) by muddleglum

Analytic Thinking Can Decrease Religious Belief is of deep interest to me. I remember some of the things I thought back before I was of school age which portended the way I would think later – analytically. Βy the time I was in college, I was seriously analyzing superstitious beliefs and finding them null and void.

Yet, now I am considered religious. According to the article, I should not be very religious. The truth is, I'm not very religious, even though I'm a Christian. Analytical thinking bases itself on facts, and there have been too many stubborn facts in my life that logically bind me to Christ.

My take on most so-called worship services is what one would expect –- they are usually irrelevant – and I keep away from them. As far as I can see, they are basically entertainment and I have better things to do with my time. Often, they appeal to the emotions, though I see less of that in some groups, like the Amish-Mennonites.

Theology? I am analytical there, also. I found to my surprise that Christian theology, based on its early writings, is very clear and logical. It is only when trying to get the message over to less analytical people does it look cloudy. Paul, for instance, in what is becoming one of my favorite passages, uses four arguments to prove one point. The first was logical and the third appealed to the Jewish targumists. That last trips people up quite often and some strange conclusions have emerged over time. Yet, when contextually analyzed, Paul was doing his best trying to get truth over to different types of thinkers. He has no problem using analogical thinking.

These last two, “worship services” and analogies, had been combined at one time in my life. Roughly, we would take the Christian analogy of the bread and wine and, while being nourished by it physically, we discussed the meaning analytically. This happened every Sunday.

I have little to say about the study referred to above – I don't have current access to Science and cannot check the data and definitions – however, I do know that the more analytically I view life, the less religious I am, so therefore I can accept the findings as true. This brings up my last point. I think too many atheists are not analytical enough. I don't mind atheism, per se, but I distrust religious (militant) atheists. Perhaps if they learn to analyze more, they will become less religious about it.

I hope so.
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