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A blog of random jottings on events, science, renfairs, travel, reading, music, humanism, religion, atheism, and even the odd spot of gardening.

About me

Welcome! I'm an Australian, but these days live in northwestern Germany. My interests include nature, ecology, gardening, reading, metal- & hot-glass-work, travelling, etc.. I am an atheist, humanist, and enviromentalist, and I try very much to be simply live-and-let-live. I am on Twitter at @Gurdur.

If you are interested, please see these pieces of mine published in the Guardian:

Internet friendships: rules of the game

A weapon for liberation, and oppression.

Students are the perfect medical guinea pigs I should know.

Atheists can have a genuine conversation with believers.

A short piece under "Strikes and other industrial action".

A short piece under "panel debate on web moderation"

This is my main blog, Stranger In An Even Stranger Land. My blog is now also listed in the Guardian Comment Network. You can also see my LibraryThing account here, but so far I only have recorded around 20% of my books into it.

I also admin the Hub board (this one), and the Hangout board. My real name is Tim Skellett, and my personal email address is:
Note the .de ending, i.e. not .com.

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