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Decreasing Religion

Posted 27-Apr-2012 at 05:08 PM (17:08) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Analytic Thinking Can Decrease Religious Belief is of deep interest to me. I remember some of the things I thought back before I was of school age which portended the way I would think later analytically. Βy the time I was in college, I was seriously analyzing superstitious beliefs and finding them null and void.

Yet, now I am considered religious. According to the article, I should not be very religious. The truth is, I'm not very religious, even though I'm a Christian. Analytical...
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Posted 27-Apr-2012 at 04:50 AM (04:50) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)
Updated 27-Apr-2012 at 04:52 AM (04:52) by muddleglum (add link)

This is my thoughts on Gurdur's Malcolm Bowden

I feel "charlatan" is going too far. I think the man is sincere. I run into his type all the time.

However, I don't agree with him. OTOH, even when I was an atheist, I was suspicious of many of the claims of the psych profession. Back in '72 it was shown that Witch Doctors had a higher cure rate, for instance. I'm happy to be seeing more and more science coming from that group in the last twenty years.
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How I survived Gurdur and Never

Posted 13-Apr-2012 at 05:32 AM (05:32) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)
Updated 13-Apr-2012 at 05:33 AM (05:33) by muddleglum (grmr)

After a series of secret messages, I managed to get the enemy agents Gurdur and Never to join me at a restaurant here in Nitro, WV. I arrived early, and they arrived at about the time I figured that I would earlier in the day, so I synchronized that very well.

Gurdur was disguised as a sophisticated Kentuckian and Never as a typical Ohioan, but of course I was not fooled. I first recognized Never walking across the parking lot to provide cover and milliseconds later a quick move positioned...
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Oh! Hell

Posted 11-Apr-2012 at 04:15 AM (04:15) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)
Updated 13-Apr-2012 at 06:13 AM (06:13) by muddleglum (punct)

This is written because too many people have the wrong idea of consequences. Warning, more religiously oriented than usual.

What is the consequence of going into a mine field and deliberately triggering a tank mine. Assuming that the mine is in 100% good condition, the consequence is a well fertilized field.

What would be the consequence of coming into my house and visiting me? You would have to put up with me. If you didn't want to put up with me you stay away. The...
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The shrewd mouse hides

Posted 09-Apr-2012 at 03:35 PM (15:35) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Gurdur αnd Never are passing though this area! Usually the only people willing to land at Yeager airport are desperate to buy votes.

The airport Gurdur is landing in is not listed as one that has a lot of accidents. However, I've heard from pilots that its rep among them is that it's so dangerous they're scared into being extra cautious. I hope Gurdur knows that. About the caution, I mean.

They'll pass by WV State University, my alma mater. I'm hoping to post about...
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Take a number, please.

Posted 16-Mar-2012 at 01:25 PM (13:25) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Reasons that I'll be unable to initially hang around a lot:
1. Moved to my parents. They still have piles of junk from yesteryear. Over the years I have taken all my mementos and got rid of them, but I had no permission to do the same with my parents. Now the handwriting is on the wall and my wife has helped declutter. I'm the mule they load.
2. Then there is the gov't to be kept happy. They insist, for instance, that I have a Social Security card for identification. I'm going to bring...
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Posted 08-Mar-2012 at 01:20 PM (13:20) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

The door creeks eerily as Muddle attempts to open it, gushing past his feet down the hall. The force of the flood knocks him off his feet his nose cushioned by the sentimental mud. Next time, he thinks, a better spell checker for the hub wouldn't hurt. Either that, or a lighter door. But, though a lighter door wouldn't creek, it would raise the risk of a visit from the fire marshal, he concludes and desists.
Muddle peels himself off of the floor, the mud on his front tunefully pealing itself...
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Dropping Inn

Posted 19-Oct-2011 at 10:48 AM (10:48) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)
Updated 19-Oct-2011 at 11:50 AM (11:50) by muddleglum

Made it to the Internet. I'm currently in West Virginia, which is part of the United States but not part of Virginia. Back where I currently live I cannot access the Internet for various reasons - one reason is less to do with the hardware stuff and more to do with my own muddled thinking. Whatever, I have to go a thousand miles out of my way.
But here I am in WV for a week and what should I be doing? Here is my hometown and my family, so I know what most people would think of doing. I cannot...
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Into the Black Hole!

Posted 26-Apr-2011 at 03:11 PM (15:11) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Well, I live in a communications black hole and my options for staying on the Internet get slimmer and slimmer. As I thought would happen, they's been slimmed out and this is the last time I'll be here.

Thank you hubites for your patience with me as I sought to overcome my social ignorance.

Tim, or Never, please take this blog out and shoot it.

Gotta get going! Farewell.
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Infernal contacts

Posted 22-Apr-2011 at 03:29 PM (15:29) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)
Updated 22-Apr-2011 at 03:57 PM (15:57) by muddleglum (yr.)

A bit of complaining.

I have just received a notice from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service about an error on my 1040 tax form for the year 2010.

Before I get into that, I might point out that if I need help from them I cannot phone. I could write a letter if I had an address, but to get an address I have to phone them. I cannot phone. I could look up the address in the phone book but I found out that one now has to buy the book and it isn't even in the book anymore....
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Chippin' with the Head.

Posted 05-Apr-2011 at 08:44 PM (20:44) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

The Evolution of Prejudice is a bit shadowy, but another little piece to support the idea that we are naturally cautious of dangers. In an animal, it is called instinct; in an intelligent human not in denial, it is accepted and accounted for; in other humans, it is usually termed prejudiced.

This is how one looks at one outside of the group, according to the article, and it can be a very good thing. We should always be cautious of anything new and intelligently assess its potential...
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Heroic Emphathy & Sociopaths

Posted 31-Mar-2011 at 08:00 PM (20:00) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Walking the Line Between Good and Evil: The Common Thread of Heroes and Villains has some interesting thoughts on empathy in extreme situations -- or even not so extreme.
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Fat is Evil!

Posted 31-Mar-2011 at 12:52 AM (00:52) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

With the usual caveats, Negative Attitudes Toward Fat Bodies Going Global, Study Finds seems to be a useful study. One of the reasons I find it so is because Wutich, one of the study's authors, said,
"The late adopters were more likely to agree with the most judgmental statements like 'fat people are lazy.'"
Interesting to me because it is something I have also heard about "conversions" in other areas, notably in and out of religion. So "Slim"...
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Bearly Bald

Posted 28-Mar-2011 at 11:41 PM (23:41) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Another reply to iamwombat that got longer and longer and...

"Might you have an anecdote for Enoch? I recall the bear tearing apart children who tormented him, but not from the OT, it was in a book by Robert Heinlein."
Heinlein had some pretty good stories, (I started getting corrupted by him back in 1960-1.) If memory serves me, you are referring to a scene near the beginning of "Stranger in a Strange Land."

The story is from II Kings...
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Background to an ancient civilization

Posted 25-Mar-2011 at 05:37 PM (17:37) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

This is in answer to iamwombat. Some people may be interested in the following for role-playing ideas.

This is some of the things I have found about the cities of the plains.

The wilderness had wild animals (lions and bears, and wolves, at least) and some bandits along the major trade route that went through here from Egypt to whoever was in charge of the trans-Euphrates region after the last war/rebellion. From time to time one comes to walled cities and the generally...
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Sodom and what?

Posted 24-Mar-2011 at 05:38 PM (17:38) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

When I was young, I saw quite a number of boxing matches and can remember more than once two men swinging mightily ... and totally missing each other.

I don't have much of a dog in the following fight from the standpoint of "feeling" and trying to find something to back up that feeling as "right." However, I can add up one plus one and some arguments seem very strange to me. Take this one from Quath's post for instance.

God decides to destroy Sodom,
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International Atomic Energy Agency

Posted 16-Mar-2011 at 07:55 PM (19:55) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Found This Here URL from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

I put this here because we all need different perspectives. This is just one, and one of the most objective that I know of.

Again, the nuclear problem is a lot less than what has already happened -- the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami were pretty devastating.
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International day of the woman

Posted 09-Mar-2011 at 04:53 PM (16:53) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

Feminists among us may enjoy this cartoon by Alecus. It was posted after I checked so it is one day late.
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Free Speech Win...or loss.

Posted 02-Mar-2011 at 05:54 PM (17:54) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)
Updated 03-Mar-2011 at 04:46 PM (16:46) by muddleglum (added pdf)

The Decision is here in pdf (added later)

High court rules for military funeral protesters is probably going to raise some hackles. I've studied Constitutional law (I.e., I've read through a few law school textbooks on the subject. Good stuff.) and could have predicted the outcome.

The question here looks pretty obvious: should anyone have a right to use free speech outside a funeral?

Not so obvious is the fact that the venue is part of the point that...
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What is Religion? Nothing?

Posted 28-Feb-2011 at 11:57 PM (23:57) by muddleglum (Muddleglum's Croak, er, Song)

One of the things I've been doing in my odd spare moments the last three months was trying to define religion. So I show up here and Gurdur has already aimed at it.

"Why would (otherwise intelligent) scholars believe in 'Religion'?", by Pascal Boyer was one of the links Gurdur had in his roundup

The article is slightly misleading and Boyer picks up on that and clarifies in a further comment. The comment section to the article is very good and elucidates the...
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