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London calling: the aftermath of the riots

Posted 09-Aug-2011 at 05:53 AM (05:53) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 09-Aug-2011 at 03:26 PM (15:26) by Gurdur

As you no doubt know by now, England went through a catastrophic Monday night. There have been copy-cat riots in Birmingham, reportedly in Leeds and Nottingham too.

Reliable information: The BBC (for example here) and the Guardian (for example here and here and here and here).

Fast but unreliable info: Twitter: #londonriots
For a while, #UKriots was used a lot, but #londonriots took back the lead.

For clean-up and assistance info: #riotcleanup...
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The long, hot summer of our discontent: strikes on June 30th and protests in Britain

Posted 28-Jun-2011 at 08:25 PM (20:25) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 29-Jun-2011 at 01:56 AM (01:56) by Gurdur

Britain is now entering a long, hot summer of discontent - waves of protest action and strikes about the government's scorched-earth budget-cuts. There is a national strike planned for this Thursday, June 30; you can read up more on planned strike actions here at the J30 site, and you can read a bit about it all here in one Guardian report, which passes on that the official governmental agency has warned of probable consequent delays at the UK border. Stay clear of Heathrow airport, is my advice;...
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March in Egypt today; events in the Yemen and Pakistan, and a Doomsday/Rapture parody

Posted 27-May-2011 at 04:50 PM (16:50) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 27-May-2011 at 05:00 PM (17:00) by Gurdur

Not only am I (apocalyptically) flooded in what I need to blog about, having been knocked out of commission for over three weeks, but also very current events are having tsunami-like proportions for me, since I still cannot work fast or much (and I'm currently writing two long and difficult other blog posts I need to finish). So very quickly, a few things:

Another big demonstration today in Tahrir square, Cairo, Egypt, this time because of all the things the protestors have noticed...
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Egypt army begins to show its hand -- cracks down on protestors in Tahrir Square, Cairo

Posted 26-Feb-2011 at 05:54 AM (05:54) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 26-Feb-2011 at 06:16 AM (06:16) by Gurdur

The Egyptian army today (late Friday night, very early Saturday morning) began to show its hand, by starting to throw pro-democracy protestors out of Tahrir square, Cairo. My pessimism regarding the Egyptian army seems to have now become quite justified, despite the protestors themselves previously welcoming the army; I always thought they might have more of a problem there than they thought. The Egyptian army is deeply complicit in political oppression and economic corruption in Egypt. Now we can...
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Indiana Deputy Attorney-General sacked after advocating use of live ammunition against Wisconsin demonstrators

Posted 23-Feb-2011 at 11:54 PM (23:54) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 24-Feb-2011 at 12:03 AM (00:03) by Gurdur

A lawyer, Jeff Cox, who was a Deputy Attorney-General for the state of Indiana, one of over 140 deputy attorneys general in Indiana, is now no longer employed by the state, after having made inflammatory remarks over Twitter, to wit advocating the use of live ammunition on Wisconsin protestors. This despite the fact that the Wisconsin protestors have been quite peaceful; in fact the city of Madison (WI) put out an official press release thanking the demonstrators for their restraint and good conduct....
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The reactions in Egypt right at the moment, recorded for perpetuity

Posted 11-Feb-2011 at 08:18 PM (20:18) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 26-Feb-2011 at 05:49 AM (05:49) by Gurdur

The sheer joy in Egypt being expressed right at the moment following the fall of Mubarak and the success so far (given that hurdles still lie ahead) of the pro-democracy protestors has been recorded onto some Youtube videos, shown below:

Scenes from Cairo

Scenes from Tahrir square, central Cairo

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Breaking news: Sulieman announces Mubarak stepped down, Egypt army announces emergency rule will go on

Posted 11-Feb-2011 at 05:12 PM (17:12) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 11-Feb-2011 at 05:20 PM (17:20) by Gurdur

It is now breaking news of the last few minutes that the Egyptian vice-president Omar Sulieman has announced that Mubarak is stepping down, and the army has announced emergency-rule will go on as long as needed. One hurdle down, many hurdles left to go.

You can see the breaking news here on the BBC or here on the Guardian, both with live and semi-live feeds.

All my blog posts on the situations...
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Mubarak successfully trolls millions upon millions of people all at once yet again

Posted 10-Feb-2011 at 10:27 PM (22:27) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 11-Feb-2011 at 05:12 PM (17:12) by Gurdur

Hosni Mubarak has just delivered his (somewhat delayed) speech, and the reaction of the huge crowd of pro-democracy protestors in Tahrir square in central Cairo, Egypt, is to immediately and furiously chant "Irhal, irhal, irhal!" (Arabic for "Leave, leave, leave!".

Just like the last time this happened, Mubarak kept a huge chunk of the world waiting for him to finally appear to give a promised speech; just like the last time, when he finally did appear, it was only to play the anti-USA,...
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The news from Egypt, and what it all means

Posted 10-Feb-2011 at 05:32 PM (17:32) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 10-Feb-2011 at 10:20 PM (22:20) by Gurdur

Breaking on Al Jazeera now, and forewarned today by the Egyptian army, as well in various places like HuffPo, it is being rumoured all around that Mubarak will step down tonight, and that important announcements will be made in any case.

None of that likely changes the situation there much at all. Even were Mubarak to step down completely, it would only mean handing over power officially to either the Egyptian Army blatantly, or to a stooge like Omar Sulieman (former head of Intelligence,...
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They're marching in Egypt right now for democracy

Posted 25-Jan-2011 at 03:05 PM (15:05) by Gurdur (Stranger In An Even Stranger Land)
Updated 25-Jan-2011 at 03:13 PM (15:13) by Gurdur

Vitalized by the example of Tunisia where mass protests against corruption and authoritarianism brought down the government within 30 days after a lone man, Mohamed Bouazizi, immolated himself in single protest, starting off a wave of mass protest, demonstrators are now protesting at the moment in Cairo, Egypt, for democracy and an end to corruptiion and authoritarianism. You can follow them live over a protestor's cell-phone camera - see the live stream here. Be aware that the cell phone often...
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