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Conversation Between Makbawehuh and iamwombat
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  1. Makbawehuh
    06-Aug-2011 08:46 AM (08:46)
    Welcome back!
  2. Makbawehuh
    28-Jul-2011 05:57 AM (05:57)
    Cool beans. It does batches? I will have to check it out... Thanks!
  3. iamwombat
    28-Jul-2011 03:26 AM (03:26)
    I got a freebie called Faststone photo resizer, easy to use, does batches, and has lots of extra features I haven't tried out yet. High ratings from cnet. Yeah, sending poster sized snapshots takes a bit of bandwidth, I've arrggied Gurdur before about hosting so much bandwidth for free, then I take up space with albums.
  4. Makbawehuh
    28-Jul-2011 01:41 AM (01:41)
    Yick, that's huge. I mean, I like working with them big, so I can see why you'd potentially want them that big, but yeah... It don't work, lol. What did you get to resize with? *likes free programs she can play with* lets you resize, as well as other stuff, cause it's ... Y'know, a paint program. :P I like it a good deal. It's not Corel or Photoshop by any means, but it's better by far than what comes on Windows, it does it's job very well, and it's free. Not trying to plug the software or anything, I just really like it.
  5. iamwombat
    27-Jul-2011 08:40 PM (20:40)
    Thanks for the help, I downloaded a free resizing program and will just upload picts to an album in the future and insert url for them to place in a post. Somehow I lost whatever windows app I had for resizing photo's, they are all 4000x3000 pivels direct from the camera.
  6. Makbawehuh
    27-Jul-2011 02:41 AM (02:41)
    I can see you know how to upload stuff to the albums... When you go to the pictures you upload, there should be a url with a [img] (url here) [/img] set of tags. You can just copypasta that.

    If you wanted to post pics from wikipedia or something you'd need to get to the page with the picture itself, and insert the above commands with the URL, so the picture at would need to look like [ img][/img] without the space I threw in the first [img] bit for illustrative purposes.

    You're bright enough; I remember what a pain it was when I first started trying to put images in forums, years ago... I felt like such a dunce when my friend pulled me aside and was like, "this is what you're doing wrong". >.>

    So don't worry, you aren't alone. Embarrassing stumbling blocks happen.
  7. Makbawehuh
    30-Jun-2011 03:42 AM (03:42)
    BTW, I just like, made connections between dexterity and Fallout 3 comments and such that you made a loooooooong time ago in one of my blog posts.

    My cure to lack of dexterity in such games is to sneak everywhere, and play sniper. *sagenod* Admittedly, this works better in Elder Scrolls games.
  8. Makbawehuh
    30-Jun-2011 02:05 AM (02:05)
    Yeah, I can understand you being leery. On one hand, any time you give your information online, it's a risk. On the other, Sony kinda fuckered that one ten ways from Sunday, and just kept right on fuckering it till it couldn't be fuckered any more.

    And yes, Oregon is like... The Burmecia of the US, or would be if Washington didn't get more rainfall. have I ever mentioned how much I hate rain? >.<

    Hope everything's okay on your end.
  9. iamwombat
    30-Jun-2011 12:45 AM (00:45)
    Lol, I have seldom played online, mostly eons ago when command & Conquer was new. I like to be able to play on my puter with a computer foe if I want, solo mode I guess. Most online games I tried would have been fun if I had equal bandwidth and processing speed. This Everquest looked fun, decent graphics from the screen shots I saw, but I think it will go back to the box in the closet it came from. After you pointed out all the hacking Sony suffered I was pretty shy of putting a debit card in their system to play even the trial period. I can relate to the dexterity thing, it aint what it used to be. Thanks for the info/help. I see Oregon has had its share of rain, lol. take good care. iamwombat
  10. Makbawehuh
    29-Jun-2011 05:15 AM (05:15)
    lol, I posted this in my own wall by accident!

    The message was:

    Evercrack? It's a precusor to WoW. Some people still play it, I think, but I don't know too many anymore. I never played it; I had my own obsessions with text based games when it came out, and MMOs just don't interest me. I don't have the dexterity for most games, and people online tend to be douchebags. I like me some solo awesomeness, or text based games where I can keep up.

    ...Though we did do that one totally kickass campaign a few years ago that was based on something off of Everquest...

    Truth be told, the person to ask would be blacksword. He's actually played it.

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