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Conversation Between Makbawehuh and Shadowfox
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  1. Shadowfox
    14-Jul-2012 07:54 PM (19:54)
    Hanging in and doing a bit better now the heat's less. Had a fun day out yesterday - see my shopping for shoes thread. Watered the lawn - that is, moved the hose very now and then so the hose end sprinkler could do its bit - this morning. With the cooler weather and the rain we had the grass looks quite a bit better. Just loafing around now, checking into forum sites, reading a bit. Haven't read the Pimpernel books in - sheesh a lot of years. Don't remember them too well now. Still working on The Righteous Mind by Haidt which is interesting but since the concept's new to me I have to read over parts again. Other than that I'm out of libe books till Tues so am rereading the Potter books which I actually have since my neighbor had them on garage sale, they didn't sell, so she gave them all to me.

    Hang in there, your own fine self.
  2. Makbawehuh
    14-Jul-2012 02:04 AM (02:04)
    I am doing well! Been way busy, but that's what happens when everyone goes on vacation but two people, and one of those two has a family emergency. The other lady's grandbaby is fine, thank goodness, but yikes, I had a very interesting week.

    Other than that, been doing a lot of writing and a lot of reading. Hit up Treasure Island again, before I go to finish out the Scarlet Pimpernel books. The woman who wrote those has a writing style that tends to get on my nerves just a bit, so I need to take breaks.

    How's the you?
  3. Shadowfox
    11-Jul-2012 07:47 PM (19:47)
    Sorry I took so long getting back - just this morn noted the blinking notice! Yeh, it's used to for me also. We just did a combo of 1st and 2nd editions with the addition of Asian stuff. How you doing by the way?
  4. Makbawehuh
    02-Jul-2012 01:23 AM (01:23)
    I've done 3.0, 3.5, and some assorted stuff. But yeah, I do that. I also do a lot of text-based roleplay, or used to.
  5. Shadowfox
    01-Jul-2012 02:04 PM (14:04)
    Just got around to checking your profile. I note you like roleplaying - AD&D or what? Up to a few years ago, I was DMing a longterm game, till my last, fab team broke up with moves out of state. Couldn't face the chore of getting another so quit. Have also done live D&D, mostly as encounters and not PC.

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