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Doctor Ragnarok

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  1. iamwombat
    13-May-2011 05:40 AM (05:40)
    You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not drive I'm telling you why.... we're gonna drop by and visit your town. Next year though if you don't move and leave not a trace. Get a blog on Maku, script frenzy is over for now and it's time for spring frenzy. Are the trees having a hard time getting started there like they are in N. Idaho? Go to iamwombats photo albums and see what you can identify or imagine background items to be, points for creativity you know.
  2. muddleglum
    20-Apr-2011 11:13 PM (23:13)
    I don't usually like to comment on obvious finger glitches, but the following that you wrote...
    >unless whatever made them death was also fatal<

    You might want to edit it. As for me, I understand and just hope I don't die laughing.

    Mr. Death
  3. MidnightWolf
    26-Dec-2010 11:26 PM (23:26)
    What's with all the spammer accounts online? D:
  4. muddleglum
    15-Oct-2010 07:39 PM (19:39)
    (I seemed to have messaged myself with this. I'll try again...)
    Mainly I'm wondering if the other problems didn't make this one come out. I didn't have the problem in my youth, when I started beating my eyes to death with books, but when I started doing research during the day and programming (and playing computer games...hush!) in the evenings, I started getting problems. Stress brings it out.

    Your symptoms might have nothing to do with my type of problem, or whatever caused your other symptoms also gave you my type of problem, or stress uncovered it.

    Whatever, I know it is, at the very least, an annoyance, especially when my brains seem to float because neither eye is tracking right. I hope for better for you.

    Happily, my dad has the same problem, so we can always snipe at unbelievers from both sides. :-)
  5. Lasso_The_Moon
    10-Oct-2010 07:17 PM (19:17)
    LOL, so I decided I'd try to log in... :P I'm baaaaack!
  6. muddleglum
    09-Oct-2010 06:23 PM (18:23)
    If your problem is not a pinched nerve, it could be the same as mine, which even has a name--convergence insufficiency. If so, there are eye exercises that help and might cost as high as $2500 to go through the course. I asked how much my hearing would be a problem and the vague answer keeps me away.

    If over-tired or stressed, it gets worse, so it could be the same problem as yours. Close in work seems to tire that part of the brain more and cause the double vision to worsen, and you sound like you keep your nose in the computer more than most. Ask an ophthalmologist if you can give him some money to check it out.

    If a pinched nerve, at least he might prescribe prisms, but if you are as near-sighted as I was (20/350 and 20/400) you will end up paying a lot for tiny lens that weight a ton. Laser surgery fixed my near-sightedness and most of my astigmatism so I just needed plain prisms. If the same as I have, you can learn how to get it fixed, then charge me for the secret.
  7. muddleglum
    08-Oct-2010 10:49 PM (22:49)
    Saw your double vision problem posts. I understand your problems driving. Very. After laser surgery, I finally was able to correct my double vision somewhat with prism glasses, but sometimes that doesn't help, either--especially when I leave 'em at work. Interesting how one can drive on two roads at once and wonder which one is which. I usually keep my eyepatch at work so if I'm having problems, I drive with one hand over my eye.

    I hope you find out what the problem/remedy really is.
  8. Imiko
    29-Jun-2010 06:56 AM (06:56)
    I'm am so much better now! And you? <3
  9. Imiko
    28-Jun-2010 10:38 PM (22:38)
  10. MidnightWolf
    23-Mar-2010 11:50 PM (23:50)
    *GLOMP* LOVE YOU!!!!

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Posted 18-Aug-2012 at 12:00 AM (00:00) by Makbawehuh Comments 1
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A while back, I got a virus. I wish it had been something simple as the cold or the flu, but it was a rogue antivirus. And it was actually my computer that got it. I should probably be more careful to separate myself from my machines.


Anyways! Unlike the one my computer got last winter, which prompted my mother to reformat my machine without backing up ANY of my data first, this one was fairly easy to remove.

So, if you have this virus, here's the...

Posted 05-Aug-2012 at 09:35 PM (21:35) by Makbawehuh Comments 0
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For those of you who may be having trouble finding links, here you go!


NASA tv link:

NASA ustream link:

For those of you with an XBOX, there is an app to the stream that you can download for free, as well as a (free) game made by NASA that utilizes the Kinect functionality...

Posted 22-Apr-2012 at 06:42 AM (06:42) by Makbawehuh Comments 3
Posted in Uncategorized
The neighbors who've been living next door are MOVING!

In case no one has been privy to my rants about them, these lovely people like to entertain themselves by screaming at each other at odd hours for inconsequential things, throwing loud parties on nights when I need to be up at 4 AM, and having their delightful nieces and nephews over to thrash my garden plants.

Excuse me, but right now I am clicking my fucking heels for joy. I am not even shitting. And tomorrow? Tomorrow,...

Posted 16-Apr-2012 at 01:35 AM (01:35) by Makbawehuh Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized

Today my brother finally called to apologise to my parents. And by apologise, I mean, to play attention getting games, to try to manipulate them into doing the things they normally do, and to ask for money. And then to throw a fit when they laid down the rules- Rehab, be clean for two years, and pull your life together, and then you can come home.

No, really, that is what happened today. He called to apologize. Made his apology. Let...

Posted 14-Apr-2012 at 07:42 PM (19:42) by Makbawehuh Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
When I heard about this, I just sort of went "What? lolWUT?" I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't care for Obama any more than I care for any other politician, but he's done an admirable job with the shit he's been saddled with.

What I want to see are the statistics...
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Good idea, Muddleglum!...
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Hope you get one started...
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