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  1. mick
    09-Oct-2012 04:48 PM (16:48)
  2. mick
    01-Nov-2011 02:25 PM (14:25)
    Lol that's what I meant. Lol sound bitter about for some one who stayed here. Lol
  3. mick
    01-Nov-2011 05:49 AM (05:49)
    hey its AoP you came here from eutm? right?
  4. Gurdur
    14-Oct-2011 02:35 PM (14:35)
  5. iamwombat
    17-Jun-2011 01:33 AM (01:33)
    I still kenna see even a comment window to use. It may be me too though, I'm tardy, and feel like I'm tardy, double tardiinuendo.
    Ofcourse it could be because of Maku, thats it, she screwed something up, lol.
    Yes, get Gurdur to un-stick it, he is clever that way.

    How goes the health of your brother? Wanted to add that to be scarred for the apparent suffering of others is a sure sign of being a human.
  6. Makbawehuh
    15-Jun-2011 02:16 AM (02:16)
    I don't think it's you. I had that problem in Muddleglum's last post, too. Maybe ask Gurdur to take a quick look at the settings and see if there's anything that needs to be changed?

    Otherwise, it could just be me.
  7. Makbawehuh
    15-Jun-2011 12:45 AM (00:45)
    Nope. There's no place for me to post.
  8. iamwombat
    14-Jun-2011 09:55 PM (21:55)
    Same inability to post to your blog here. I'm glad your brother has support and care from close family! As scary as that is to behold, be glad you were there to help and to reassure afterward. I hope returning to full medication helps and is able to be filled. Be safe and take good care, hope everything gets as back to normal as can be!
  9. Makbawehuh
    14-Jun-2011 04:31 PM (16:31)
    It's not letting me post to your blog, so I'll post here.


    I hope your brother is feeling better, and I hope you feel better, too. It's obvious that you were very worried about him.
  10. TaciLunaRain
    16-Jan-2011 11:27 PM (23:27)

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Posted 13-Sep-2011 at 07:43 PM (19:43) by 333 Comments 3
Posted in Uncategorized
Well it's been 17 days after my Aunt checked into the hospital for a simple operation to clean her Dialysis tube. The operation was a success but the surgeon prescribed Morphine which interacts with her seizure medication.

Now she's in a coma with a breathing tube down her throat and may have to be moved to a home or get he life support turned off, she has a day, the closet place she can moved to is in Florida.

What's worst is not only is this hospital responsible...

Posted 14-Jun-2011 at 01:45 PM (13:45) by 333 Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized
Vacation Interrupted, 5-7:30am I had to watch my little brother have the biggest seizure he has ever had, his mindless eyes, a complete tabula Rasa, he has just now became comprehensible to speak.

I.. Don't want him to lose him being him. I think this is the first time something medical to happen that has actually scare me, and it's not even me.

I just feed him his seizure medication after he finally stop throwing up after getting advice from his doctor on the phone....
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Yes, well, not much...
Posted 14-Sep-2011 at 12:51 AM (00:51) by Gurdur Gurdur is offline
Thanks Gurdur, more...
Posted 13-Sep-2011 at 11:58 PM (23:58) by 333 333 is offline
I'm sorry to hear this,...
Posted 13-Sep-2011 at 11:08 PM (23:08) by Gurdur Gurdur is offline
He just came out of...
Posted 14-Jun-2011 at 02:44 PM (14:44) by 333 333 is offline
Best of luck, 333
Posted 14-Jun-2011 at 02:36 PM (14:36) by Gurdur Gurdur is offline

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