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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:) Smile Smile
:confused: Confused Confused
:mad: Mad Mad
:( Frown Frown
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
;) Wink Wink
:p Tongue Tongue
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:1_yahoo 1 Yahoo 1 Yahoo
:fool Fool Fool
:bomb Bomb Bomb
:rofl Rofl Rofl
:1_victory 1 Victory 1 Victory
:fie Fie Fie
:tongue Tongue Tongue
:blum3 Blum3 Blum3
:popcorm1 Popcorm1 Popcorm1
:1_superstition 1 Superstition 1 Superstition
:i-m_so_happy I M So Happy I M So Happy
:don-t_mention Don T Mention Don T Mention
:tomato2 Tomato2 Tomato2
:blum Blum Blum
:ph34r Ph34r Ph34r
:1wink 1wink 1wink
:hi Hi Hi
:diablo Diablo Diablo
:stop Stop Stop
:biggrin Biggrin Biggrin
:nono Nono Nono
:help Help Help
:nea Nea Nea
:heat Heat Heat
:cry Cray Cray
:smoke Smoke Smoke
:mosking Mosking Mosking
:heart Heart Heart
:yes4 Yes4 Yes4
:2cool Cool Cool
:smile3 Smile3 Smile3
:angel Angel Angel
:lol Lol Lol
:haha Haha Haha
:wink3 Wink3 Wink3
:2shock Shok Shok
:lazy2 Lazy2 Lazy2
:2grin Grin Grin
:close_tema Close Tema Close Tema
:search Search Search
:connie_jail: Connie Jail Connie Jail
:acute Acute Acute
:good Good Good
:clapping Clapping Clapping
:sad Sad Sad
:2skull 2skull 2skull
:girl_devil_1 Girl Devil 1 Girl Devil 1
:bye Bye Bye
:rtfm Rtfm Rtfm
:banghead bang head bang head
:hookah hookah hookah
:spam Spam Light En Spam Light En
Friendship love and so on
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:viannen_61 Viannen 61 Viannen 61
:1_friends 1 Friends 1 Friends
:d_lovers_Vishenka D Lovers Vishenka D Lovers Vishenka
:2_first_move 2 First Move 2 First Move
:viannen_19 Viannen 19 Viannen 19
:1_flirt 1 Flirt 1 Flirt
:d_kiss_Vishenka_1 D Kiss Vishenka 1 D Kiss Vishenka 1
:2_air_kiss 2 Air Kiss 2 Air Kiss
:mkiss Mkiss Mkiss
:1_blush2 1 Blush2 1 Blush2
:d_kiss_hand_Vishenk D Kiss Hand Vishenka D Kiss Hand Vishenka
:2flower 2flower 2flower
:man_in_love Man In Love Man In Love
:1_blush 1 Blush 1 Blush
:ily: Ily Ily
:d_hug_Vishenka D Hug Vishenka D Hug Vishenka
:1_wink3 1 Wink3 1 Wink3
:lf52 Lf52 Lf52
:1give_rose_1 1give Rose 1 1give Rose 1
:icpyys: Icpyys Icpyys
:d_guess_Vishenka D Guess Vishenka D Guess Vishenka
:1_wink 1 Wink 1 Wink
:1give_heart_1 1give Heart 1 1give Heart 1
:Laie_82 Laie 82 Laie 82
:d_girl_kiss_Vishenk D Girl Kiss Vishenka 2 D Girl Kiss Vishenka 2
:1_mistletoe2 1 Mistletoe2 1 Mistletoe2
:huggs: Huggs Huggs
:jealousyy8 Jealousyy8 Jealousyy8
:d_dance_Vishenka D Dance Vishenka D Dance Vishenka
:1_kiss 1 Kiss 1 Kiss
:d_daisy_Vishenka D Daisy Vishenka D Daisy Vishenka
:1_girl_wink 1 Girl Wink 1 Girl Wink
:d_turn_Vishenka D Turn Vishenka D Turn Vishenka
:connie_49_1 Connie 49 1 Connie 49 1
:heart2 Heart Heart
:1_girl_pinkglassesf 1 Girl Pinkglassesf 1 Girl Pinkglassesf
:d_tickle_Vishenka D Tickle Vishenka D Tickle Vishenka
:connie_45 Connie 45 Connie 45
:wub Wub038 Wub038
:1_girl_in_love 1 Girl In Love 1 Girl In Love
:d_martini_Vishenka D Martini Vishenka D Martini Vishenka
:3_kiss3 3 Kiss3 3 Kiss3
Dance music party n birthday
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Laie_17 Laie 17 Laie 17
:drinky Drinky Drinky
:chocolove Chocolove Chocolove
:music Music Music
:Laie_16 Laie 16 Laie 16
:drinks Drinks Drinks
:choccake Choccake Choccake
:Laie_58 Laie 58 Laie 58
:Laie_3 Laie 3 Laie 3
:dance24 Dance24 Dance24
:cake Cake Cake
:Laie_48 Laie 48 Laie 48
:dance4 Dance4 Dance4
:blues_brothers_10 Blues Brothers 10 Blues Brothers 10
:Laie_40 Laie 40 Laie 40
:happybhu5-1 Happybhu5 1 Happybhu5 1
:dance3 Dance3 Dance3
:vishenck_bdycake_25 Vishenck Bdycake 256 Vishenck Bdycake 256
:aiwan_pulp_dance2 Aiwan Pulp Dance2 Aiwan Pulp Dance2
:Laie_39 Laie 39 Laie 39
:dance2 Dance2 Dance2
:viannen_27 Viannen 27 Viannen 27
:aiwan_pulp_dance Aiwan Pulp Dance Aiwan Pulp Dance
:Laie_38 Laie 38 Laie 38
:guitar.2 Guitar.2 Guitar.2
:dance Dance Dance
:viannen_20 Viannen 20 Viannen 20
:1_girl_dance 1 Girl Dance 1 Girl Dance
:Laie_37 Laie 37 Laie 37
:d_turn_Vishenka_1 D Turn Vishenka 1 D Turn Vishenka 1
:connie_dancegirl_1 Connie Dancegirl 1 Connie Dancegirl 1
:Vala_barkeep_464 Vala Barkeep 464 Vala Barkeep 464
:Laie_36 Laie 36 Laie 36
:d_martini_Vishenka_ D Martini Vishenka 1 D Martini Vishenka 1
:connie_30 Connie 30 Connie 30
:rpchoc1 Rpchoc1 Rpchoc1
:Laie_35 Laie 35 Laie 35
:d_dance_Vishenka_1 D Dance Vishenka 1 D Dance Vishenka 1
:connie_happybirthda Connie Happybirthday Connie Happybirthday
:chocoluv3rj Chocoluv3rj Chocoluv3rj
:rap Rap Rap
:Laie_33 Laie 33 Laie 33
:d_birthday_Vishenka D Birthday Vishenka D Birthday Vishenka
:chocolove2 Chocolove2 Chocolove2
:party Party Party
Welcome get_well n thankyou
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:wave006 Wave006 Wave006
:d_good_luck_Vishenk D Good Luck Vishenka 1 D Good Luck Vishenka 1
:viannen_76 Viannen 76 Viannen 76
:1_thank_you2 1 Thank You2 1 Thank You2
:viannen_01 Viannen 01 Viannen 01
:th_dance6 Th Dance6 Th Dance6
:Iamjustme_welcomeba Iamjustme Welcomeback Iamjustme Welcomeback
:lf5 Lf5 Lf5
:Laie_22 Laie 22 Laie 22
:welcome6ld Welcome6ld Welcome6ld
:Heathen_1 Heathen 1 Heathen 1
:welcome_h: :welcome_h: :welcome_h:
deviantART smilies n epidemics n general
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:_flowerglomp Flowerglomp  By PederDingo Flowerglomp By PederDingo
:Tree_Hugger Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
:pinko Pinko Pinko
:gestapo Gestapo Gestapo
:cuddle Cuddle Cuddle
:2Dancing_Emoticons 2Dancing Emoticons By Kitkatty 2Dancing Emoticons By Kitkatty
:no_means_no No means no No means no
:bugger bugger bugger
:beyond :beyond :beyond
:larry :larry :larry
:long :long :long
:worries :worries :worries
:whinger :whinger :whinger
:go :go :go
:pigflu1 :pigflu1 :pigflu1
:flu1 :flu1 :flu1
:flu3 :flu3 :flu3
:ghost1 :ghost1 :ghost1
:notlistening :notlistening :notlistening
Figure smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Laie_13 Laie 13 Laie 13
:paint2 Paint2 Paint2
:Policeman Snoozer Policeman Snoozer Policeman
:connie_14 Connie 14 Connie 14
:wink3a Wink3 Wink3
:connie_searchingsky Connie Searchingsky Connie Searchingsky
:d_Pocket_PC D Pocket PC Vishenka D Pocket PC Vishenka
:locomotive Locomotive Locomotive
:astronomer2 Snoozer Astronomer2 Snoozer Astronomer2
:blind Blind Blind
:viannen_57 Viannen 57 Viannen 57
:connie_hotairballoo Connie Hotairballoon Connie Hotairballoon
:death01 Death01 Death01
:fool2 Fool Fool
:rainbow Rainbow Raduga6 358 Rainbow Raduga6 358
:1_queen 1 Queen 1 Queen
:telephone Telephone Telephone
:connie_aging Connie Aging Connie Aging
:big_boss: Big Boss Big Boss
:Laie_2 Laie 2 Laie 2
:ok Ok Ok
:pepper Snoozer Pepper Snoozer Pepper
:connie_13 Connie 13 Connie 13
:wink2a Wink Wink
:connie_redx Connie Redx Connie Redx
:d_ice D Ice Vishenka D Ice Vishenka
:Laie_81 Laie 81 Laie 81
:slow_en Slow En Slow En
:big_rich_boss Big Rich Boss Viannen 30 Big Rich Boss Viannen 30
:viannen_51 Viannen 51 Viannen 51
:connie_hooked Connie Hooked Connie Hooked
:WhiteFlag: WhiteFlag WhiteFlag
:crazy_pilot Crazy Pilot Crazy Pilot
:fie2 Fie Fie
:rabbi Rabbi Rabbi
:1_man_in_love 1 Man In Love 1 Man In Love
:take_example Take Example Take Example
:connie_40 Connie 40 Connie 40
:a1jmg1: A1jmg1 A1jmg1
:juggling Juggling Laie 25 Juggling Laie 25
:offtopic Offtopic Offtopic
:medal Snoozer Medal Snoozer Medal
:connie_11 Connie 11 Connie 11
:wild Wild Wild
:connie_radioplane Connie Radioplane Connie Radioplane
:d_good_luck D Good Luck Vishenka D Good Luck Vishenka
:Laie_63B Laie 63B Laie 63B
:shout Shout Shout
:big_boss Big Boss Big Boss
:viannen_49 Viannen 49 Viannen 49
:connie_hidinginwall Connie Hidinginwall Connie Hidinginwall
:toastb2: Toastb2 Toastb2
:cry2 Cray Cray
:close_tema2 Close Tema Close Tema
:punish2 Punish2 Punish2
:swoon2 Swoon2 Swoon2
:connie_31 Connie 31 Connie 31
:633763001200116894- 633763001200116894 1 633763001200116894 1
:hunter Hunter Hunter
:not_i Not I Not I
:mafia Snoozer Mafia Snoozer Mafia
:connie_10 Connie 10 Connie 10
:whistle3 Whistle3 Whistle3
:connie_pumpkinsmile Connie Pumpkinsmile Connie Pumpkinsmile
:d_coffee D Coffee Vishenka D Coffee Vishenka
:Laie_61 Laie 61 Laie 61
:secret Secret Secret
:beta Beta Beta
:viannen_43 Viannen 43 Viannen 43
:connie_glowpumpkin Connie Glowpumpkin Connie Glowpumpkin
:toastb: Toastb Toastb
:connie_yoyo Connie Yoyo Connie Yoyo
:clapping2 Clapping Clapping
:preved Preved Preved
:swoon Swoon Swoon
:connie_29 Connie 29 Connie 29
:120881001200116420- 120881001200116420 1 120881001200116420 1
:hang3 Hang3 Hang3
:look Snoozer Look Snoozer Look
:censored Censored Censored
:whistle Whistle Whistle
:connie_pumpkinsad Connie Pumpkinsad Connie Pumpkinsad
:d_clock D Clock Vishenka D Clock Vishenka
:Laie_60A Laie 60A Laie 60A
:scratch_ones_head Scratch One S Head Scratch One S Head
:beach Beach Beach
:viannen_42 Viannen 42 Viannen 42
:connie_explosion Connie Explosion Connie Explosion
:Joy: Joy Joy
:connie_whirlybird Connie Whirlybird Connie Whirlybird
:bye2 Bye Bye
:pot Pot Pot
:superstition3 Superstition Superstition
:connie_28 Connie 28 Connie 28
:11mdbvm: 11mdbvm 11mdbvm
:friends Friends Friends
:nosok_artist Nosok Artist 344 Nosok Artist 344
:likeopera_man Snoozer Likeopera Man Snoozer Likeopera Man
:buba_phone Buba Phone Buba Phone
:vincent Vinsent Vinsent
:connie_pinnochio Connie Pinnochio Connie Pinnochio
:d_canon D Canon Vishenka D Canon Vishenka
:Laie_49 Laie 49 Laie 49
:scout_en Scout En Scout En
:bb2 Bb2 Bb2
:viannen_41 Viannen 41 Viannen 41
:connie_escapejar Connie Escapejar Connie Escapejar
:JC_pray: JC Pray JC Pray
:connie_twiddle Connie Twiddle Connie Twiddle
:angel2 Angel Angel
:pogranichnik Pogranichnik Pogranichnik
:zagruz Snoozer Zagruz Snoozer Zagruz
:connie_27 Connie 27 Connie 27
:5de4918e8132: 5de4918e8132 5de4918e8132
:focus Focus Focus
:new_russian New Russian New Russian
:retrow Snoozer Likelinux Man Snoozer Likelinux Man
:buba Buba Buba
:victory Victory Victory
:connie_pacspit Connie Pacspit Connie Pacspit
:d_bubble D Bubble Vishenka D Bubble Vishenka
:Laie_43 Laie 43 Laie 43
:scenic Scenic Scenic
:air_kiss Air Kiss Air Kiss
:viannen_28 Viannen 28 Viannen 28
:connie_eatingpopcor Connie Eatingpopcorn Connie Eatingpopcorn
:JC_nun: JC Nun JC Nun
:connie_testwall Connie Testwall Connie Testwall
:Laie_27 Laie 27 Laie 27
:pioneer_smoke Pioneer Smoke Pioneer Smoke
:unseen Snoozer Unseen Snoozer Unseen
:connie_25 Connie 25 Connie 25
:1f78932948ca: 1f78932948ca 1f78932948ca
:DD2 FatPoetanim FatPoetanim
:DD1 Mother Goose Fat Poet Mother Goose Fat Poet
:likeff_man Snoozer Likeff Man Snoozer Likeff Man
:brunette Brunette Brunette
:viannen_78 Viannen 78 Viannen 78
:connie_pac Connie Pac Connie Pac
:download: Download Download
:Laie_34 Laie 34 Laie 34
:scare2 Scare2 Scare2
:agree Agree Agree
:viannen_22 Viannen 22 Viannen 22
:connie_eatfishy Connie Eatfishy Connie Eatfishy
:gorra: Gorra Gorra
:connie_swatfly Connie Swatfly Connie Swatfly
:Laie_21 Laie 21 Laie 21
:pioneer Pioneer Pioneer
:spaceman Snoozer Spaceman Snoozer Spaceman
:connie_22 Connie 22 Connie 22
:electrical Electrical Viannen 09 Electrical Viannen 09
:moil Moil Moil
:koo-koo Snoozer Koo Koo Snoozer Koo Koo
:boast Boast Boast
:viannen_77 Viannen 77 Viannen 77
:connie_ouchcactus Connie Ouchcactus Connie Ouchcactus
:grocery-cart-ani2: Grocery Cart Ani2 Grocery Cart Ani2
:don-t_mention: Don T Mention Don T Mention
:Laie_29 Laie 29 Laie 29
:scare Scare Scare
:1Jennie_Dance 1196509428 CR Mother Goose Jennie Dance 1196509428 CR Mother Goose Jennie Dance
:umnik2 Umnik2 Umnik2
:connie_crazyperson Connie Crazyperson Connie Crazyperson
:facepalm: Facepalm Facepalm
:love-letter-smiley: Love Letter Smiley Love Letter Smiley
:Laie_19 Laie 19 Laie 19
:ph34r2 Ph34r Ph34r
:rainingsmile Snoozer Rainingsmile Snoozer Rainingsmile
:connie_19 Connie 19 Connie 19
:search2 Search Search
:connie_slingshot Connie Slingshot Connie Slingshot
:d_wash D Wash Vishenka D Wash Vishenka
:meeting Meeting Meeting
:cook Snoozer Cook Snoozer Cook
:blush2 Blush2 Blush2
:viannen_75 Viannen 75 Viannen 75
:connie_oldman_clean Connie Oldman Cleanglasses Connie Oldman Cleanglasses
:dirol Dirol Dirol
:i-m_so_happy2 I M So Happy I M So Happy
:russian Russian Russian
:2_superstition 1 Superstition 1 Superstition
:tommy Tommy Tommy
:connie_boy_cleangla Connie Boy Cleanglasses Connie Boy Cleanglasses
:connie_soapbox: Connie Soapbox Connie Soapbox
:laie_14 Laie 14 Laie 14
:patsak Patsak Patsak
:puzzle Snoozer Puzzle Snoozer Puzzle
:connie_17 Connie 17 Connie 17
:yahoo Yahoo Yahoo
:connie_siesta Connie Siesta Connie Siesta
:ljo9j: Ljo9j Ljo9j
:d_sweet D Sweet Vishenka D Sweet Vishenka
:mail1 Mail1 Mail1
:coffee3 Snoozer Coffee Snoozer Coffee
:blush Blush Blush
:viannen_58 Viannen 58 Viannen 58
:connie_jackinabox Connie Jackinabox Connie Jackinabox
:declare Declare Declare
:hi2 Hi Hi
:read Read Read
:1_smoke 1 Smoke 1 Smoke
:thank_you2 Thank You2 Thank You2
:connie_barbershop Connie Barbershop Connie Barbershop
:BillsBillsBills: BillsBillsBills BillsBillsBills
:leaf leaf leaf
:boy_sit :boy_sit :boy_sit
:girl_sit :girl_sit :girl_sit
Sports games and fishing
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:nhl_fight Nhl Fight Nhl Fight
:Laie_65 Laie 65 Laie 65
:Laie_66 Laie 66 Laie 66
:Laie_20 Laie 20 Laie 20
:viannen_37 Viannen 37 Viannen 37
:nhl_crash Nhl Crach Nhl Crach
:Laie_64 Laie 64 Laie 64
:d_training D Training Vishenka D Training Vishenka
:viannen_08 Viannen 08 Viannen 08
:nhl_checking Nhl Checking Nhl Checking
:Laie_57 Laie 57 Laie 57
:Schlitten2 Vala Schlitten Fertig2 Vala Schlitten Fertig2
:connie_running Connie Running Connie Running
:nhl3 Nhl3 Nhl3
:Laie_53 Laie 53 Laie 53
:training1 Training1 Training1
:connie_runner Connie Runner Connie Runner
:nhl2 Nhl2 Nhl2
:Laie_51 Laie 51 Laie 51
:mitsu: Snoozer Mitsu Snoozer Mitsu
:connie_fishtale Connie Fishtale Connie Fishtale
:nhl Nhl Nhl
:Laie_47 Laie 47 Laie 47
:cards Snoozer Cards Snoozer Cards
:connie_finishline Connie Finishline Connie Finishline
:meowth Meowth Meowth
:Laie_45 Laie 45 Laie 45
:bobsleigh Snoozer Bobsleigh Snoozer Bobsleigh
:banned Banned Banned
:Laie_83 Laie 83 Laie 83
:Laie_44 Laie 44 Laie 44
:basketball Snoozer Basketball Snoozer Basketball
:aikido Aikido Aikido
:Laie_77 Laie 77 Laie 77
:warning2 Warning2 Warning2
:Laie_32 Laie 32 Laie 32
:protest Protest Protest
:Laie_76A Laie 76A Laie 76A
:Laie_31 Laie 31 Laie 31
:phi Phi Phi
:Laie_68 Laie 68 Laie 68
:Laie_30A Laie 30A Laie 30A
:warning Warning Warning
Pirates n ships
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:shipwrecked JC Shipwrecked JC Shipwrecked
:pirate_plain Pirate Plain Pirate Plain
:hi_pirate Hi Pirate Hi Pirate
:pirate_party Pirate Party Pirate Party
:highwayman Highwayman Highwayman
:boating Boating Boating
:pirate_buds Pirate Buds Pirate Buds
:duel_pirate Duel Pirate Duel Pirate
:yar_pirate Yar Pirate Yar Pirate
:pirate_bow Pirate Bow Pirate Bow
:cold_pirate Cold Pirate Cold Pirate
:whistling_pirate Whistling Pirate Whistling Pirate
:pirate_bounce Pirate Bounce Pirate Bounce
:bookish_pirate Bookish Pirate Bookish Pirate
:sick_pirate Sick Pirate Sick Pirate
:pirate_sing Piratesing Piratesing
:snoozer_pirate Snoozer Pirate Snoozer Pirate
:sailor Sailor Sailor
:pirates Pirates Pirates
:hook Laie 56 Laie 56
:razz_pirate Razz Pirate Razz Pirate
:pirate5 Pirate5 Pirate5
:Laie_55 Laie 55 Laie 55
:pirate_thumb Pirate Thumb Pirate Thumb
:pirate_captain Pirate Captain Pirate Captain
:pirate_girl Pirate Girl Pirate Girl
:pirate_steer Pirate Steer Pirate Steer
:love_pirate Love Pirate Love Pirate
:pirate_smiley1_1 Pirate Smiley1 1 Pirate Smiley1 1
:icon_pirate Icon Pirat Icon Pirat
:piratewink Piratewink Piratewink
:piratetonge Piratetonge Piratetonge
:pirategrin Pirategrin Pirategrin
:Skull Skull Skull
:ship Ship Ship
:sailship_11 Sailship 11 Sailship 11
:sailship_10 Sailship 10 Sailship 10
:pirate_smiley1 Pirate Smiley1 Pirate Smiley1
:pirate_flag5b Pirate Flag5b Pirate Flag5b
:pirate_flag1 Pirate Flag1 Pirate Flag1
:pirate2 Pirate2 Pirate2
:pirate102 Pirate102 Pirate102
:pirate4 Pirate4 Pirate4
Literature SF Fantasy n films
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:viannen_50 Viannen 50 Viannen 50
:Laie_79 Laie 79 Laie 79
:Laie_69 Laie 69 Laie 69
:Laie_54 Laie 54 Laie 54
:1_vincent 1 Vincent 1 Vincent
:pirate_girl_2 Pirate Girl Pirate Girl
:Laie_4 Laie 4 Laie 4
:1_tommy 1 Tommy 1 Tommy
:snoozer_zomby Snoozer Zomby Snoozer Zomby
:scyth scyth scyth
:skull2 Skull Skull
:paladin Paladin Paladin
:jester Jester Jester
:viannen_66 Viannen 66 Viannen 66
:dwarf Dwarf Dwarf
:aragorn1 Aragorn1 Aragorn1
:wizard Wizard Wizard
:orc Orc Orc
:galadriel2 Galadriel2 Galadriel2
:elf Elf Elf
:king2 King2 King2
:king King King
:connie_zombie Connie Zombie Connie Zombie
:vampire Vampire Vampire
:connie_witchy Connie Witchy Connie Witchy
:Laie_5 Laie 5 Laie 5
:witch_pot Piciici Witch Pot 200 Piciici Witch Pot 200
:1_girl_witch 1 Girl Witch 1 Girl Witch
:1_girl_werewolf 1 Girl Werewolf 1 Girl Werewolf
:triniti Triniti Triniti
:neo Neo Neo
:morpheus Morpheus Morpheus
:pig_ball Pig Ball Pig Ball
:winnie_go Pooh Go Pooh Go
:winnie_door Pooh Door Pooh Door
:winnie_birth_day Pooh Birth Day Pooh Birth Day
:winnie Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh
:winnie_on_ball: Pooh On Ball Pooh On Ball
:winnie_lol Pooh Lol Pooh Lol
:winnie_honey Pooh Honey Pooh Honey
:superman2 Superman2 Superman2
:superman Superman Superman
:wallace Wallace Wallace
:1_connie_10 1 Connie 10 1 Connie 10
:viannen_65 Viannen 65 Viannen 65
:viannen_55 Viannen 55 Viannen 55
Witches, Halloween, Pagans etc.
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:MG_99: MG 99 MG 99
:fireb: Fireb Fireb
:girl_werewolf: Girl Werewolf Girl Werewolf
:Laie_5: Laie 5 Laie 5
:zomby: Zomby Zomby
:MG_98: MG 98 MG 98
:DrDeisel.0673634001 DrDeisel.0673634001266473072.CarpetBoy DrDeisel.0673634001266473072.CarpetBoy
:vampire: Vampire Vampire
:MG_43: MG 43 MG 43
:connie_zombie: Connie Zombie Connie Zombie
:skull: Skull Skull
:MG_42: MG 42 MG 42
:connie_witchy: Connie Witchy Connie Witchy
:post-1-1265915741: Post 1 1265915741 Post 1 1265915741
:MG_41: MG 41 MG 41
:connie_pumpkinsmile Connie Pumpkinsmile Connie Pumpkinsmile
:moderator: Moderator Moderator
:MG_40: MG 40 MG 40
:connie_pumpkinsad: Connie Pumpkinsad Connie Pumpkinsad
:mistelzweig: Mistelzweig Mistelzweig
:MG_39: MG 39 MG 39
:connie_glowpumpkin: Connie Glowpumpkin Connie Glowpumpkin
:MG_213: MG 213 MG 213
:MG_38: MG 38 MG 38
:av-4842: Av 4842 Av 4842
:MG_212: MG 212 MG 212
:MG_37: MG 37 MG 37
:23hvjh4: 23hvjh4 23hvjh4
:MG_101: MG 101 MG 101
:mail1: Mail1 Mail1
:14sdzkn: 14sdzkn 14sdzkn
:MG_100: MG 100 MG 100
:JC_frankie: JC Frankie JC Frankie
:magiccarpet: Magiccarpet Magiccarpet
:11tyjb5: 11tyjb5 11tyjb5
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:girl_pet_kitty Girl Petting Kitty Girl Petting Kitty
:girl_angry Girl Angry Girl Angry
:vala_amixcora Vala Amixcora Vala Amixcora
:laie_chairspingirl: Laie Chairspingirl Laie Chairspingirl
:connie_35 Connie 35 Connie 35
:girl_devil: Girl Devil Girl Devil
:girl_wink Girl Wink Girl Wink
:viannen_72 Viannen 72 Viannen 72
:3_pirate_girl Pirate Girl Pirate Girl
:girl_clean_glasses Girl cleaning glasses Girl cleaning glasses
:girl_in_love Girl In Love Girl In Love
:vala_498 Vala 498 Vala 498
:connie_26 Connie 26 Connie 26
:girl_dance Girl Dance Girl Dance
:mistletoe2 Mistletoe2 Mistletoe2
:curtsey Curtsey Curtsey
:girl_werewolf Girl Werewolf Girl Werewolf
:viannen_70 Viannen 70 Viannen 70
:2_Jennie_Dance 2Jennie Dance 2Jennie Dance
:connie_girlsmelly Girl smelly Girl smelly
:girl_impossible Girl Impossible Girl Impossible
:girl_tender Tender Tender
:connie_24 Connie 24 Connie 24
:girl_crazy Girl Crazy Girl Crazy
:Laie_80 Laie 80 Laie 80
:MG_264: MG 264 MG 264
:wacky_girl Wacky girl Wacky girl
:girl_wacko Girl Wacko Girl Wacko
:viannen_40 Viannen 40 Viannen 40
:1_feminist_en 1 Feminist En 1 Feminist En
:girl_play_jacks Girl play jacks Girl play jacks
:girl_hospital Girl Hospital Girl Hospital
:spruce_up Spruce Up Spruce Up
:connie_21 Connie 21 Connie 21
:girl_cry3 Girl Cry3 Girl Cry3
:Laie_78 Laie 78 Laie 78
:sleepy_moon Sleepy Moon Sleepy Moon
:viannen_39 Viannen 39 Viannen 39
:1_feminist 1 Feminist 1 Feminist
:girl_hide_face Girl hide face Girl hide face
:girl_hide Girl Hide Girl Hide
:connie_18 Connie 18 Connie 18
:girl_cry2 Girl Cry2 Girl Cry2
:Laie_50 Laie 50 Laie 50
:girl_skillet Gilr with skillet Gilr with skillet
:girl_take_umbrage Girl Taking Umbrage Girl Taking Umbrage
:viannen_26 Viannen 26 Viannen 26
:1_brunette 1 Brunette 1 Brunette
:feed_baby Feed baby Feed baby
:girl_haha Girl Haha Girl Haha
:connie_16 Connie 16 Connie 16
:girl_cray: Girl Cray Girl Cray
:Laie_24 Laie 24 Laie 24
:rocking_baby Rocking baby Rocking baby
:girl_smile Girl Smile Girl Smile
:connie_dancegirl Connie Dancegirl Connie Dancegirl
:girl_flag_of_truce Girl Flag Of Truce Girl Flag Of Truce
:1_angel 1 Angel 1 Angel
:connie_6 Connie 6 Connie 6
:girl_blum2 Girl Blum2 Girl Blum2
:Laie_10 Laie 10 Laie 10
:pull_pigtails Pulling pigtails Pulling pigtails
:girl_sigh Girl Sigh Girl Sigh
:abc_123 ABC 123 ABC 123
:snegurochka Snegurochka Snegurochka
:girl_blum Girl Blum Girl Blum
:Laie_7 Laie 7 Laie 7
:connie_5 Connie 5 Connie 5
:girl_mama Girl Mama Girl Mama
:girl_sad Girl Sad Girl Sad
:connie_49 Connie 49 Connie 49
:in_the_dark sweat in the dark sweat in the dark
:flirt Girl flirts Girl flirts
:kiss Kiss Kiss
:connie_4 Connie 4 Connie 4
:girl_prepare_fish Girl Prepare Fish Girl Prepare Fish
:viannen_10 Viannen 10 Viannen 10
:connie_43 Connie 43 Connie 43
:queen Queen Queen
:girl_teddy Girl with teddy Girl with teddy
:hysteric Hysteric Hysteric
:2_foreseer 2 Foreseer 2 Foreseer
:girl_search_sky Girl Search Sky Girl Search Sky
:girl_pinkglasses Girl Pinkglasses Girl Pinkglasses
:gilr_impatient Girl impatient Girl impatient
:connie_36 Connie 36 Connie 36
:parting2 Parting2 Parting2
:girl_kisses Girl kisses Girl kisses
:girl_witch Girl Witch Girl Witch
:viannen_79 Viannen 79 Viannen 79
:connie_1 Connie 1 Connie 1
:girl_drink4 Girl Drink4 Girl Drink4
:girl_drink3 Girl Drink3 Girl Drink3
:girl_drink2 Girl Drink2 Girl Drink2
:girl_drink1 Girl Drink1 Girl Drink1
:girl_like_opera Girl like opera Girl like opera
:girl_like_ff Girl like ff Girl like ff
:viannen_24 Viannen 24 Viannen 24
:viannen_18 Viannen 18 Viannen 18
:spam_light_en Spam Light En Spam Light En
:viannen_21 Viannen 21 Viannen 21
:viannen_81 Viannen 81 Viannen 81
Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:DrDeisel.0109823001 DrDeisel.0109823001250367435.ItsMyParty DrDeisel.0109823001250367435.ItsMyParty
:DrDeisel.0622901001 DrDeisel.0622901001252471641.Bicorno DrDeisel.0622901001252471641.Bicorno
:DrDeisel.0998220001 DrDeisel.0998220001253248243.Firebug DrDeisel.0998220001253248243.Firebug
:DrDeisel.0445764001 DrDeisel.0445764001251120482.Mignon1 DrDeisel.0445764001251120482.Mignon1
:DrDeisel.0847850001 DrDeisel.0847850001250571846.Indian DrDeisel.0847850001250571846.Indian
:DrDeisel.0222535001 DrDeisel.0222535001249355242.Green Man DrDeisel.0222535001249355242.Green Man
:DrDeisel.0706806001 DrDeisel.0706806001254802100.Robin DrDeisel.0706806001254802100.Robin
:DrDeisel.0093315001 DrDeisel.0093315001251555647.Trixie DrDeisel.0093315001251555647.Trixie
:DrDeisel.0615810001 DrDeisel.0615810001253162524.What1 DrDeisel.0615810001253162524.What1
:DrDeisel.0992516001 DrDeisel.0992516001249446943.Bluebird DrDeisel.0992516001249446943.Bluebird
:DrDeisel.0445764001 DrDeisel.0445764001251120482.Mignon DrDeisel.0445764001251120482.Mignon
:DrDeisel.0822994001 DrDeisel.0822994001249623128.MonAnge DrDeisel.0822994001249623128.MonAnge
:DrDeisel.0202015001 DrDeisel.0202015001251206027.Hedwig DrDeisel.0202015001251206027.Hedwig
:DrDeisel.0706366001 DrDeisel.0706366001250827006.Tutti Frutti DrDeisel.0706366001250827006.Tutti Frutti
:DrDeisel.0093315001 DrDeisel.0093315001251555647.Firebird DrDeisel.0093315001251555647.Firebird
:DrDeisel.0615810001 DrDeisel.0615810001253162524.What DrDeisel.0615810001253162524.What
:DrDeisel.0976572001 DrDeisel.0976572001248841133.The Fool DrDeisel.0976572001248841133.The Fool
:DrDeisel.0444325001 DrDeisel.0444325001249338922.A Peacocks Tale DrDeisel.0444325001249338922.A Peacocks Tale
:DrDeisel.0820464001 DrDeisel.0820464001250651304.Indian DrDeisel.0820464001250651304.Indian
:DrDeisel.0198611001 DrDeisel.0198611001249410432.Yarrrrr DrDeisel.0198611001249410432.Yarrrrr
:DrDeisel.0706366001 DrDeisel.0706366001250827006.TuttiFrutti DrDeisel.0706366001250827006.TuttiFrutti
:DrDeisel.0056222001 DrDeisel.0056222001249188497.Claire De Lune DrDeisel.0056222001249188497.Claire De Lune
:DrDeisel.0611676001 DrDeisel.0611676001249795674.Aztec DrDeisel.0611676001249795674.Aztec
:DrDeisel.0958432001 DrDeisel.0958432001248456510.Bluebird DrDeisel.0958432001248456510.Bluebird
:DrDeisel.0387910001 DrDeisel.0387910001248411272.Demon DrDeisel.0387910001248411272.Demon
:DrDeisel.0818577001 DrDeisel.0818577001250229439.Millie1 DrDeisel.0818577001250229439.Millie1
:DrDeisel.0177481001 DrDeisel.0177481001249152244.Shooting Star DrDeisel.0177481001249152244.Shooting Star
:DrDeisel.0692573001 DrDeisel.0692573001248411405.Mardi Gras DrDeisel.0692573001248411405.Mardi Gras
:DrDeisel.0044707001 DrDeisel.0044707001251177582.Hedwig1 DrDeisel.0044707001251177582.Hedwig1
:DrDeisel.0609707001 DrDeisel.0609707001248896727.ScaredyCat DrDeisel.0609707001248896727.ScaredyCat
:DrDeisel.0956615001 DrDeisel.0956615001248736695.Cotton Candy DrDeisel.0956615001248736695.Cotton Candy
:DrDeisel.0373210001 DrDeisel.0373210001250003886.CottonCandy DrDeisel.0373210001250003886.CottonCandy
:DrDeisel.0818577001 DrDeisel.0818577001250229439.Millie DrDeisel.0818577001250229439.Millie
:DrDeisel.0177481001 DrDeisel.0177481001249152244.Flutterby DrDeisel.0177481001249152244.Flutterby
:DrDeisel.0681344001 DrDeisel.0681344001250479740.HootMon1 DrDeisel.0681344001250479740.HootMon1
:DrDeisel.0034835001 DrDeisel.0034835001254488161.Bookworm DrDeisel.0034835001254488161.Bookworm
:DrDeisel.0567825001 DrDeisel.0567825001248477035.pirate DrDeisel.0567825001248477035.pirate
:DrDeisel.0932726001 DrDeisel.0932726001248540775.Aztec DrDeisel.0932726001248540775.Aztec
:DrDeisel.0366471001 DrDeisel.0366471001249702810.Tatters DrDeisel.0366471001249702810.Tatters
:DrDeisel.0805484001 DrDeisel.0805484001250651328.Indian2 DrDeisel.0805484001250651328.Indian2
:DrDeisel.0177481001 DrDeisel.0177481001249152244.Cool Dude DrDeisel.0177481001249152244.Cool Dude
:DrDeisel.0681344001 DrDeisel.0681344001250479740.HootMon DrDeisel.0681344001250479740.HootMon
:DrDeisel.0034835001 DrDeisel.0034835001254488161.BlankFace DrDeisel.0034835001254488161.BlankFace
:DrDeisel.0552423001 DrDeisel.0552423001248721710.Flutterby DrDeisel.0552423001248721710.Flutterby
:DrDeisel.0907802001 DrDeisel.0907802001248891567.Shooting Star DrDeisel.0907802001248891567.Shooting Star
:DrDeisel.0356539001 DrDeisel.0356539001249229282.The Fool DrDeisel.0356539001249229282.The Fool
:DrDeisel.0805450001 DrDeisel.0805450001251003055.Dragon DrDeisel.0805450001251003055.Dragon
:DrDeisel.0160169001 DrDeisel.0160169001249359045.Mardi Gras DrDeisel.0160169001249359045.Mardi Gras
:DrDeisel.0678604001 DrDeisel.0678604001254488145.Lenny DrDeisel.0678604001254488145.Lenny
:DrDeisel.0023164001 DrDeisel.0023164001248539255.Green Man DrDeisel.0023164001248539255.Green Man
:DrDeisel.0496914001 DrDeisel.0496914001250916635.Dragon1 DrDeisel.0496914001250916635.Dragon1
:DrDeisel.0893126001 DrDeisel.0893126001248467797.ItsMyParty DrDeisel.0893126001248467797.ItsMyParty
:DrDeisel.0355670001 DrDeisel.0355670001249057988.Claire De Lune DrDeisel.0355670001249057988.Claire De Lune
:DrDeisel.0770751001 DrDeisel.0770751001255926829.Lenny DrDeisel.0770751001255926829.Lenny
:DrDeisel.0141289001 DrDeisel.0141289001252122547.StrayCat1 DrDeisel.0141289001252122547.StrayCat1
:DrDeisel.0655320001 DrDeisel.0655320001249450139.Pharoah DrDeisel.0655320001249450139.Pharoah
:DrDeisel.0569579001 DrDeisel.0569579001249706052.FraidyCat DrDeisel.0569579001249706052.FraidyCat
:DrDeisel.0018501001 DrDeisel.0018501001250830423.Voodoo1 DrDeisel.0018501001250830423.Voodoo1
:DrDeisel.0474540001 DrDeisel.0474540001250738147.TheHat2 DrDeisel.0474540001250738147.TheHat2
:DrDeisel.0892224001 DrDeisel.0892224001248845034.Flutterby DrDeisel.0892224001248845034.Flutterby
:DrDeisel.0261281001 DrDeisel.0261281001251292265.Hedwig DrDeisel.0261281001251292265.Hedwig
:DrDeisel.0745969001 DrDeisel.0745969001249357578.LilDemon DrDeisel.0745969001249357578.LilDemon
:DrDeisel.0141289001 DrDeisel.0141289001252122547.StrayCat DrDeisel.0141289001252122547.StrayCat
:DrDeisel.0650283001 DrDeisel.0650283001248377985.HarlequinRough DrDeisel.0650283001248377985.HarlequinRough
:post-2664-125128463 Post 2664 1251284636 Post 2664 1251284636
:DrDeisel.0018501001 DrDeisel.0018501001250830423.Voodoo DrDeisel.0018501001250830423.Voodoo
:DrDeisel.0474540001 DrDeisel.0474540001250738147.TheHat DrDeisel.0474540001250738147.TheHat
:DrDeisel.0886784001 DrDeisel.0886784001249534309.Alien Blush DrDeisel.0886784001249534309.Alien Blush
:DrDeisel.0260230001 DrDeisel.0260230001252985637.IceQueen1 DrDeisel.0260230001252985637.IceQueen1
:DrDeisel.0738370001 DrDeisel.0738370001248973330.A Peacocks Tale DrDeisel.0738370001248973330.A Peacocks Tale
:DrDeisel.0119149001 DrDeisel.0119149001248586257.Maori DrDeisel.0119149001248586257.Maori
:DrDeisel.0622901001 DrDeisel.0622901001252471641.Bicorno1 DrDeisel.0622901001252471641.Bicorno1
:DrDeisel.0998220001 DrDeisel.0998220001253248243.Firebug1 DrDeisel.0998220001253248243.Firebug1
:DrDeisel.0010651001 DrDeisel.0010651001250359212.Harlequin DrDeisel.0010651001250359212.Harlequin
:DrDeisel.0451801001 DrDeisel.0451801001249234973.Maori DrDeisel.0451801001249234973.Maori
:DrDeisel.0869252001 DrDeisel.0869252001250308805.Millie DrDeisel.0869252001250308805.Millie
:DrDeisel.0260230001 DrDeisel.0260230001252985637.IceQueen DrDeisel.0260230001252985637.IceQueen
:DrDeisel.0706806001 DrDeisel.0706806001254802100.Robin2 DrDeisel.0706806001254802100.Robin2
He And She
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Laie_26 Laie 26 Laie 26
:rollerblades D Roller Vishenka D Roller Vishenka
:viannen_52 Viannen 52 Viannen 52
:Laie_23 Laie 23 Laie 23
:kehren_girl: Kehren Girl Kehren Girl
:martini D Martini Vishenka 2 D Martini Vishenka 2
:viannen_45 Viannen 45 Viannen 45
:Laie_15 Laie 15 Laie 15
:kehrenboy: Kehrenboy Kehrenboy
:lovers D Lovers Vishenka 1 D Lovers Vishenka 1
:viannen_44 Viannen 44 Viannen 44
:Laie_12 Laie 12 Laie 12
:kissing D Kiss Vishenka 2 D Kiss Vishenka 2
:1_air_kiss 1 Air Kiss 1 Air Kiss
:du_lekkerding Du Lekkerding Du Lekkerding
:give_rose_1 Give Rose 1 Give Rose 1
:kiss_hand D Kiss Hand Vishenka 2 D Kiss Hand Vishenka 2
:lekkerding Lekkerding Lekkerding
:give_heart_1 Give Heart 1 Give Heart 1
:connie_44 Connie 44 Connie 44
:rulezzz Rulezzz Femanswer 245 Rulezzz Femanswer 245
:first_move_1 First Move 1 First Move 1
:connie_07 Connie 07 Connie 07
:Laie_75C Laie 75C Laie 75C
:feminist_en Feminist En Feminist En
:2_kiss3 2 Kiss3 2 Kiss3
:Laie_75B Laie 75B Laie 75B
:feminist Feminist Feminist
:1_girl_devil 1 Girl Devil 1 Girl Devil
:Laie_62B Laie 62B Laie 62B
:turn D Turn Vishenka 2 D Turn Vishenka 2
:2_girl_kiss 2 Girl kisses 2 Girl kisses
:Laie_62A Laie 62A Laie 62A
:tickle D Tickle Vishenka 1 D Tickle Vishenka 1
:viannen_53 Viannen 53 Viannen 53
Gardening trees n flowers
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:give_flower Flower Flower
:d_sunny D Sunny Vishenka D Sunny Vishenka
:give_daisy D Daisy Vishenka 1 D Daisy Vishenka 1
:Tree_Hugger2 Tree Hugger 2 Tree Hugger 2
:water_bonsai Connie Waterbonsai Connie Waterbonsai
:sun_bespectacled: Sun Bespectacled Sun Bespectacled
:radish Connie Radish Connie Radish
:poppy2 Poppy2 Poppy2
:lemon Connie Lemon Connie Lemon
:poppy1 Poppy1 Poppy1
:connie_34 Connie 34 Connie 34
:long_rose_3_2 Long Rose 3 2 Long Rose 3 2
:blue-bird-icon Blue Bird Icon Blue Bird Icon
:geo_daisy2 Geo Daisym2 Geo Daisym2
:2_give_rose_2 2 Give Rose 2 2 Give Rose 2
:gardening2 Gardening2 Gardening2
:garden-gate-icon Garden Gate Icon Garden Gate Icon
Animals n Pets
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:hedgehog Hedgehog 414 Hedgehog 414
:viannen_64 Viannen 64 Viannen 64
:post-3586-126397998 Post 3586 1263979989 Post 3586 1263979989
:sharky_circling Sharky circling Sharky circling
:1_eat_fishy 1 Eat fishy 1 Eat fishy
:girl_pet_kitty2 Girl Pet Kitty2 Girl Pet Kitty2
:viannen_03 Viannen 03 Viannen 03
:snailie1b: Snailie1b Snailie1b
:smilecat2blackwhite Smilecat2blackwhite01 Smilecat2blackwhite01
:rabbit_33 Rabbit 33 Rabbit 33
:laie_18 Laie 18 Laie 18
:connie_23 Connie 23 Connie 23
:Laie_9 Laie 9 Laie 9
:cat10: :cat10: :cat10:
:connie_08 Connie 08 Connie 08
:cat1: :cat1: :cat1:
:ducky_walk Ducky walk Ducky walk
:ducky_mom Ducky mom Ducky mom
:ducky_in_shell Ducky in shell Ducky in shell
:ducky_fly Ducky fly Ducky fly
:cardinal_icon Cardinal Icon Cardinal Icon
:blue_bird Blue Bird Icon Blue Bird Icon
:red_robin Red Robin Red Robin
:Laie_42 Laie 42 Laie 42
:bee :bee :bee
:catstaff :catstaff :catstaff
:viannen_05 Viannen 05 Viannen 05
:Laie_8 Laie 8 Laie 8
:viannen_69 Viannen 69 Viannen 69
:Laie_74 Laie 74 Laie 74
:kangeroo_boxing Kangeroo boxing Kangeroo boxing
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Snoopy09 Snoopy09 Snoopy09
:Snoopy05 Snoopy05 Snoopy05
:Snoopy04 Snoopy04 Snoopy04
:Snoopy03 Snoopy03 Snoopy03
:snoopydance3 Snoopy dance3 Snoopy dance3
:Snoopy02 Snoopy02 Snoopy02
:Snoopy17 Snoopy17 Snoopy17
:Snoopy13 Snoopy13 Snoopy13
:Snoopy11 Snoopy11 Snoopy11
:Snoopy10 Snoopy10 Snoopy10
:snoopy15_80 Snoopy15_80 Snoopy15_80
:snoopy15_1 Snoopy_15_1 Snoopy_15_1
:red_baron_3_80 Red Baron 3 80 Red Baron 3 80
:red-baron Red Baron Red Baron
Lazy or asleep
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:connie_3 Connie 3 Connie 3
:lazy Lazy Lazy
:connie_09 meditate meditate
:1_lazy2 1 Lazy2 1 Lazy2
Sad or confused
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:unknw Unknw Unknw
:bad Bad Bad
:vava Vava Vava
Angry aggro or sarcastic
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:butcher Butcher Butcher
:2bomb Bomb Bomb
:sarcastic_hand Sarcastic Hand Sarcastic Hand
:boredom Boredom Boredom
:ireful1 Ireful1 Ireful1
:2bad Bad Bad
:sarcastic_blum Sarcastic Blum Sarcastic Blum
:beee Beee Beee
:2aggressive Aggressive Aggressive
:on_the_quiet2 On The Quiet2 On The Quiet2
:assassin Assassin Assassin
:villagers Villagers Villagers
:mda Mda Mda
:1_Laie_34 1 Laie 34 1 Laie 34
:crazy Crazy Crazy
:viannen_54 Viannen 54 Viannen 54
:Laie_70 Laie 70 Laie 70
:1_Laie_29 1 Laie 29 1 Laie 29
:to_keep_order To Keep Order To Keep Order
:angry2 Angry2 Angry2
:icon_irre Icon Irre Icon Irre
:1_comando 1 Comando 1 Comando
:threaten Threaten Threaten
:gamer3 Gamer3 Gamer3
:2_assassin 2 Assassin 2 Assassin
:connie_nutzo Connie Nutzo Connie Nutzo
:dead_horse Beating a dead horse Beating a dead horse
:respect: Respect Respect
:aggressive Aggressive Aggressive
:diablo_2 Diablo 2 Diablo 2
:taunt Taunt Taunt
:derisive Derisive Derisive
:2tomato2 Tomato2 Tomato2
:2wacko Wacko Wacko
:disobedient Disobedient Disobedient
:comando Comando Comando
:laugh3 Laugh3 Laugh3
:2mosking Mosking Mosking
:calling_chicken Calling Chicken Calling Chicken
Winter Xmas n New Year
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:snegurochka_1 Snegurochka 1 Snegurochka 1
:viannen_32 Viannen 32 Viannen 32
:santa3 Santa3 Santa3
:viannen_31 Viannen 31 Viannen 31
:santa2 Santa2 Santa2
:viannen_25 Viannen 25 Viannen 25
:santa Santa Santa
:viannen_17 Viannen 17 Viannen 17
:Laie_52 Laie 52 Laie 52
:viannen_16 Viannen 16 Viannen 16
:ded_snegurochka2 Ded Snegurochka2 Ded Snegurochka2
:viannen_15 Viannen 15 Viannen 15
:ded_snegurochka Ded Snegurochka Ded Snegurochka
:viannen_80 Viannen 80 Viannen 80
:viannen_25: Viannen 25 Viannen 25
:viannen_14 Viannen 14 Viannen 14
:ded_moroz Ded Moroz Ded Moroz
:HNYNoDate: HNYNoDate HNYNoDate
:viannen_48 Viannen 48 Viannen 48
:viannen_13 Viannen 13 Viannen 13
:1_snegurochka 1 Snegurochka 1 Snegurochka
:viannen_35 Viannen 35 Viannen 35
:viannen_04 Viannen 04 Viannen 04
:viannen_34 Viannen 34 Viannen 34
:bobsleigh_1 Bobsleigh 1 Bobsleigh 1
:viannen_33 Viannen 33 Viannen 33
Alice in Wonderland
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:King_of_Hearts_64 King Of Hearts 64 King Of Hearts 64
:Queen_of_Hearts_128 Heart Queen 128 Heart Queen 128
:Queen_of_Hearts_48 Heart Queen 48 Heart Queen 48
:King_of_Hearts_128 Heart King 128 Heart King 128
:King_of_Hearts_48 Heart King 48 Heart King 48
:Cheshire_Cat_64 Cheshire Cat 64 Cheshire Cat 64
:Cheshire_128 Cheshire 128 Cheshire 128
:Queen_of_Hearts_64 Queen Of Hearts 64 Queen Of Hearts 64
:Cheshire_48 Cheshire 48 Cheshire 48
:Mad_Hatter_128 Mad Hatter 128 Mad Hatter 128
:Alice_128 Alice 128 Alice 128
:Mad_Hatter_64 Mad Hatter 64 Mad Hatter 64
:Alice_64 Alice 64 Alice 64
:Mad_Hatter_48 Mad Hatter 48 Mad Hatter 48
:Alice_48 Alice 48 Alice 48

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