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The Hub itself - Talking about the Hub itself     

The Hub itself - Talking about the Hub itself

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The Mission Statement, rules, policies, admin/mod/member agreement etc.

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Exclamation The Mission Statement, rules, policies, admin/mod/member agreement etc.

Preamble and Mission Statement

The Hub is owned and adminned by secular humanists, Never, an American in the USA, and Gurdur, an Australian living in Germany. It is meant to provide a place where everyone can discuss all issues, especially those issues relating to atheism, religion, humanism and ethics, though we also make it our mission to discuss cooking, travel and hobbies, because we like to. We welcome everyone who would like to discuss life with us and who accepts us as we are. While the reason for existence of the Hub is secular humanism, we welcome theists into the Hub too, and we have a very broad range of interests. The Hub is above all meant for thoughtful discussion. Non-malicious humour is welcome, and a sense of humor and a relaxed attitude to life is a bonus, though not compulsory.

Rules for the Hub

1) All individual posts posted on the Hub remain solely the opinion of that respective poster only, and that poster's responsibility. Each poster is responsible for what they post; the Hub does not accept responsibility for what may be expressed in any post. While reasonable effort will be made by Hub administration to remove any illegal content, such illegal content may not be noted; if there is any, please notify the Hub admins through the Report function or through the Contact Us form. Posters retain copyright over their own posts, and thus may reproduce their own posts elsewhere, but the Hub and its owner maintain copyright over the total body, what is posted overall on the board and all that.

2) The Hub is a place for thoughtful discussion. Anything that is destructive to thoughtful discussion or to the Hub itself is therefore out of place. No use of the board for purposes for which is is not intended; for example, any kind of spamming is out of place and will not be tolerated. This includes commercial spamming, repetitive preaching without genuine attempts at discussion, or the like. Humour is fine and wanted, but not continual empty snarkiness or contentless flaming. Advertisement for any other web site, service or the like is not allowed unless pre-authorized by administration. Our members like to help each other, which is part of the purpose of the Hub, so persistant panhandling, scamming or anything else suchlike is prohibited as contrary to the purpose of the Hub and as destructive to us helping each other.

3) No baiting or stalking of active members. It is to be expected that conflicts will arise; and conflicts should be allowed to be expressed and worked out, but contentless flaming, which amounts to mere name-calling, is not conducive to discussion. Repetitive contentless flaming will not be tolerated. Being a jerk repeatedly likewise will not be tolerated. While anyone can have a bad day, anyone being repeatedly and deliberately a jerk will not be tolerated. Related to that, any inappropriate revealment of another active member's personal details will not be tolerated.

4) No actual advocation of pedophilia, misogynistic or racial hatred, or other such grosser illegalities or bigotries. While it is OK to discuss such matters, it is not OK at all to actually advocate those things.

5) No multiple accounts of one member under different usernames in the Hub without the express prior private permission of the Hub admin. There are no such multiple accounts on the Hub at this time, excepting one admin test account.

6) No other activities that damage or endanger the Hub website and board and its members, such as posting illegal messages or computer viruses etc. Also, no posting of copyrighted materials; quotes from copyrighted sources should be limited to roughly 20% of the original material, depending of course on content and on length. To repeat: No use of the board for purposes for which is is not intended.

7) That these rules are broad and at times unclear is granted; but time will not be wasted in attempting to try delineating every tiny possible instance. The rules are interpreted so to allow as much latitude as possible, but the rules will be enforced by banning if they are greviously violated. The rules function as the concrete implementation of broad policy, and the broad policy is clear.

8) If a poster has not posted at least 5 posts within the last 30 days of any time-point, they will lose their ability to use the PM system and the Arcade. If they then manage to make 5 posts of reasonable substantiveness within a 30-day period, they regain their ability to use the PM system and the Arcade. No PM's are deleted; a poster who does not post enough retains all their old PM's, but loses access and usability, but as soon as they fulfull the 5 post/30 days criteria, they regain access to all their old PM's. If the admins feel that a poster is making nonsubstantive posts to fulfill that 5 posts within 30 days rule, the admins may elect not to restore that poster's ability to use the PM, Search and Arcade systems till the poster shows through actual posting that that poster is using the Hub for the purpose for which it is intended, and not for other purposes.

9) The Hub admins remain sole final interpreters and decision-makers on the rules and their enforcement. By posting on the Hub, you signal your acceptance of these rules and procedures. This thread and the rules therein take precedence over all older formulations.


Modding and adminning

A) Unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as illegal images, inappropriate revealment of others' personal information, files containing viruses etc., or illegal files, there is no moderator editing of posts; apart from those exceptional circumstances, all posts are left unedited, though they may well be moved. Locking of normal threads is not usual, barring exceptional circumstances (i.e. no locking of threads that are normal discussion threads, not offical HH announcements, writers' contributions or otherwise-special threads) or barring flame-wars or other violations of the rules . In Hub policy discussions, old threads may be locked if a new thread has been made to keep things on track and to the point. In other words, you are free within the rules to say what you like, though violating HH forum rules and admittance criteria will mean the risk of banning. Posts may or may not be moved, or threads be split, to better suit the nature of each sub-forum, as circumstances and mood dictate.

B) The admins of the Hub are Never and Gurdur. This is permanent and will not change, barring unforeseen circumstances. Policy is decided by them. You are extremely welcome to discuss policy and to argue with it in The Hub Itself subforum, but final decisions on what policy will be are up to Never and Gurdur.

C) If an admin official warning has to be given to a member, it will be noted in that member's User Notes, and those User Notes are visible to the member in question, and also to mods and admins, but not to anyone else. A public warning may also be issued in-thread on a relevant thread. Flame-wars that are not substantive in content enough will be split off to the Cellar, and eventually moved to the Dead Archives.

D) If you have a problem with another member or a moderator, please contact Gurdur and/or Never by PM, and we can see if we can solve it pleasantly, promptly and without fuss; or if you feel you must, open a thread in The Hub Itself subforum. Making an appeal over a modding action may be made to Never or to Gurdur. Admin actions are reviewed by Never, and all admin decisions are final. If you wish to appeal an admin action, you may appeal to Never, but please understand that Never has limited time, and appeals may therefore take a long time. During the course of an appeal, the original modding action stands as it is, i.e. it is not suspended or reversed, pending review by Never.

E) Moderators may be added or subtracted at any time.

It is expected of moderators that:
E_1) It is expected they will respect the privacy and confidentiality of member personal information.

E_2) They will respect the confidentiality of the Reported Posts / Mods' Room (the one and only private mods' room that we have), and that they understand and respect normal confidentiality. Whistle-blowing has its justifiable place, but disrespect of others' confidentiality for trivial reasons, or indications of such disrespect, will mean instant de-modding.

E_3) They will make members feel at home and not subject members to undue pressures or unfortunate seeming of such pressure. For example, if a moderator has a problem with a particular member, again, please contract Gurdur and/or Never at once.

E_4) In line with that above, please avoid seeming to pressure members in any way; for example, please do not flirt with members or make advances to them unless the member in question has indicated clearly somehow that such advances are wanted. You would be surprised at how quickly someone may feel uncomfortable with such attentions; for example, please see this post here. This is especially important for moderators, representing as they do the Hub in an official or quasi-official way.

E_5) The main duty of any mod is to act as encouragement in the forum in which they mod; to prompt discussion, to get discussions moving along, and to assist bringing out other points of view. After that, mods also have the power and the duty to split and move non-substantive flame-wars to the Cellar, or to lock threads that have descended into petrified, non-productive conflict, where no amount of discussion actually gets things moving again and posters just get trapped in a downwards spiral of flaming.
  • The main job of a moderator is simply to provide content, i.e. to start interesting conversations in the forums that that mod mods;
  • the next main job is to guide conversations so that they are productive, and lead to new information and to new avenues of discussion. Very few people will change their opinions quickly, if at all; so the purpose of a thread is not usually to change opinions, or to mark territory, but to provide information and to explore differences in outlook in productive, worthwhile ways.
  • After that, the next task of a mod is to quickly split off contentless flames, and to try getting people to cool down.
F) If you are an active poster and you would like to be a mod, we would love to hear from you. It is expected that you will have an interest in a particular forum (and thereby in a particular subject), and that you will provide the main impetus within that forum to get discussions started and to keep traffic moving well there, and that you are in full agreement with the rules as laid out here.


All in all, for everyone, don't give us a hard time, and we won't give you one. That's a mutual agreement between you and us. If a person wastes our time or the board's time with repetitive empty flaming and snarkiness, we will eventually formally warn that person, and if they then ignore that warning, we will ban them. Attempts to game the system will not be tolerated.

The point of all this is to provide you with a place where you can discuss your opinions and the opinions of others with others; and to provide you with a place where you -- and other active members -- can feel at home. So it is expected that you will cooperate in that.

By posting on the Hub, you signal your acceptance of these rules and procedures. This thread and the policies and rules therein take precedence over all older formulations.

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Discussion and criticisms of all of this can be carried out on this linked thread.

Lots of revisions made, Mission Statement combined with rules, policies, admin, mod and member agreements.

Some posts split off to here.
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