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Reload this Page Happy birthday, ShadowFox!

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Everything else possible first - For all other generalities     

Everything else possible first - For all other generalities


Happy birthday, ShadowFox!

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Old 06-Aug-2012, 12:08 AM (00:08)     1        45362
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cake1 Happy birthday, ShadowFox!

A very happy birthday to you, ShadowFox, and all the very best!

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Thanks ever so. Been a lovely day, not too hot but sunny. Just taking the day to enjoy the life and the home I've made for me and canine companion, Jackson. We walked up to the park this morn. I say "up" as it's the one that's mostly uphill which is a bit hard for me. We went slow so J, the coonhound, could keep his nose to the ground and stop every now and then; this helped me make it up the hill. We sat in the gazebo and I watched the mountains for a while. A bit hazy today. Dry year as I saw no snow on the back ranges. Otherwise, loafing, reading, and fooling around with forums.
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Happy birthday!
"Time once again for an important GNR public service announcement! Don't feed the yao guai. That is all." ~Three Dog

"Remember kids, a smart man knows when it's time to run like a little bitch!" ~Kanta, Desert Punk
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