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Farmers Markets

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Default Farmers Markets

This morning, a lovely and cool August Saturday, my friend and I went to a closeby farmers market. I'd not been for some time and had missed the walking around, looking at all the offerings from farm produce to arts and crafts, chatting with the folks.

I found my Red Fox Orchard folks and bought a sack of their organic western slope (of Colorado) peaches. Then I found my friendly Brighton farmer and his family with their long stall of beautiful produce. He, now with his son driving, takes a trip to SE Colorado to bring back a pickup truck load of watermelons and those fabulous Rocky Ford Cantalopes. I got one of the cantalopes. Then I selected some of his tomatoes which i've learned are the tastiest around, some red onions, and - new to me - a chocolate bell pepper!

First I'd stopped to chat with the gal who runs her family's stall of their own special Caribbean hot sauce. I got a huge hug since we'd not seen each other for a long time. Of course, I got a bottle of the habanera version.

All in all, a fun day with my good friend as we sauntered around the market.
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That sounds like a great day!
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