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The Law of Nines, by Terry Goodkind- Three Stars

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Book1 The Law of Nines, by Terry Goodkind- Three Stars

The story: The Law of Nines is a contemporary fantasy story in which the protagonist, an artist named Alex, meets a woman who claims to be from another world, has an unexpected inheritance dumped on him, has his sanity questioned, and gets preached at a lot on Objectivism in the process of all this.

Also, he has to pwn a bad guy from another world.

The good: The story has the potential to play with some ideas that I find to be most interesting- Physics and magic working hand in hand, the possibility of multiple universes and how they may interact with our own, questions of sanity and insanity and what makes the difference, and the good and bad of Objectivism. It has a tight and fast paced (most of the time) storyline, and an abundance of romantic tension mixed in with the shooting.

The bad: Three things, really, all of which I hope to avoid as an author, because they seem to be major pitfalls with some of my favorites.

1) It did not deal with any of the above ideas in what I felt was a meaningful manner. If you give an idea- especially something as fun as parallel worlds and multiple universes!- PLAY WITH IT. PLEASE. You can't have an idea, give three paragraphs to it, dismiss it as superstition, and then try to build a whole book on it. It doesn't -work-.

2) It felt like a rehash of Wizards First Rule (which, don't get me wrong, I -loved-). I really didn't mind the Other World/Our World system he came up with or with the idea of playing with having them interact. Just... Please? Could we have some new plot? How many times has he done this "They want to destroy all magic!" thing by now?

3) It was NOT, in any way, shape, or form, a standalone novel. There may some people who can read it as such, but had I picked it up without also having read the Sword of Truth I would have quickly lost interest. It was too tied into the SoT world to really be a standalone, IMHO. It felt like there were constant references to the SoT universe, which, admittedly, was part of the "other worlds" thing, but which ended up either feeling incredibly redundant or incredibly vague. I could give examples, but then there would be spoilers.

Most of the reason I didn't put the book up partway through, honestly, was because he -did- actively tie up some loose ends from the SoT books. That was nice. For the most part though it felt clichéd, overused, and unoriginal... Coming from Terry Goodkind, I expected something better.
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