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Article I found on a parenting website

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Old 18-Jul-2011, 02:21 PM (14:21)     1        44162
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Angry Article I found on a parenting website

So there's this one website I kind of follow because its filled with awesome articles about parenting, pregnancy, DIY ideas, etc.

This article popped up in my facebook feed this morning so i felt compelled to read it.

it starts out nice enough about how we shouldn't force our children to be someone they're not and encourage our children to make their own free choices about things. However the author CLEARLY has a hard time with preschool teacher "training kids that LGBT is GOOD" and "training her kids to be gay/transgendered/crossdressers!"

as a bisexual preschool teacher this article doubly offends me!
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Uhm, yeah. What a douchewad.


Ugh. I'm reading this article and it makes me sick. This woman has obviously not read the studies where it shows most children have set their opinions on things like race, gender roles, and such, by the age of -three-, and will tend to be rather harsh with people not like whatever is in their own home life if it's never addressed by an adult. Once those opinions are set, it can be a lifetime's work to change it.

Like racism, sexual equality and acceptance that gender roles might be different for different people are things that -must- be addressed by an adult. Teaching them that everything isn't always the way it is for them at home, and that it's okay for those people to be that way, is not training them to be homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered... Although I suppose it would make them more comfortable with themselves if they were already that way. Still, training and comfort with one's own sexuality are two totally different things.

On one hand, she's right: Kids will be bombarded with heteronormative media their whole lives, and will (for the most part) be attracted to traditional gender roles. I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with not teaching kids that alternative lifestyles are okay, simply because... You don't want kids "trained" to be gay? How the hell do you "train" that, anyways? Last I checked, it was pretty built-in...

Personally, I think she just doesn't ever want to hear "Mom, I'm gay."

Edit again: And what the hell is she bitching about, anyways? No one said she had to raise her child that way or send her kid to those schools... Geeze o petes. You'd think someone held a gun to her head.
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